Flash Report! Incognito Hits The Art Cinema on Thursday 10/25/12

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from Hartford's awesome Art Cinema, courtesy of senior reporter Incognito.

Take it away, sir...


Came to the Art Cinema to meet up with a couple who posted on Craigslist that they wanted to meet a few guys. They arrived shortly after 7:30pm and quickly went into the theater.

Art Cinema
Hartford, CT
She was a short blonde, smaller bbw, with a cute face. She quickly dropped her pants and took off her top to reveal a nice set off tits and a perfectly shaved pussy. She quickly got to work on the first cock in front of her, then rotated between a few more. She then dropped to her knees on the floor. One of the lucky guys quickly slid below her like a mechanic changing oil and quickly started feasting on her pussy while she was stroking and licking the cocks surrounding her.

Her friend wanted her to get fucked, so he sat her in the chair and the first guy quickly put a condom on to fuck her. Her friend said he can only fuck her if he finishes in her mouth, in fact they wanted all of the men to finish in her mouth. She was sucking and fucking for a better part of the evening until she finished all of the men who were waiting around her.

Finally she emerged from the theater with her friend in tow, and with a smile on her face.



Doc here again... Thanks to Incognito for another action-packed report from what is arguably the best couple's adult theater in the country, The Art Cinema in Hartford. Instead of heading to the safety of the couple's balcony, this hardcore couple took on the main floor of the theater.  That's what makes The Art Cinema so ideal... Couple's can play upstairs, or they can venture downstairs for a wilder walk on the wild side.

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