Flash Report! The Oral Reporter on The Fulton Avenue Theater in Evansville, IN

Doc here with a nice Flash Report from senior reporter, The Oral Reporter.  This time, he is visiting the Fulton Avenue Adult Theater in Evansville, IN.  He also provided 4 pics of the theater as well!
Take it away, TOR!
Good Dr,
I was in the Evansville, IN area for work and had to spend the weekend, so I made the best of it by going to the Fulton Ave ABS/Theater.  Located at 201 S. Fulton in Evansville, Indiana.
I got to the theater about 8 PM on Friday night, I paid my 8 dollar admission, and when I turned to go into the theater, (they list it as a lounge) there was a couple getting ready to enter.  I went in behind them. 
This theater is like a den in a good sized house, so there is not a lot of room for seating. (see photos): there are only 3 couches, and a bench behind the couches.  The couple sat on the right hand side on the black couch.  There were a total of 6 other guys in the theater when I got there, so I made number 7. 
Fulton Avenue Theater
Evansville, IN
She was a thin mid-40s lady with short brown hair, wearing a sweat shirt and jeans.  Her guy (who was older) started playing with her tits through her sweatshirt, and after a short time had her sweatshirt lifted up, and unfortunately she had a bra on. He did however manage to get one of her small but nice tits out for us to see and so that he could play a little better.  Several of the guys were stroking themselves, both in and out of their pants.  I have found the guys here are not pushy and don't crowd out the couples. 
After a while the couple decided to go out to the video booths, while they were gone one of the guys got up and went to where they had been sitting and decided he would jerk off to completion.  While doing this some of his cum got on the black couch.  I gave him a couple of paper towels and he made a half assed effort to clean up his mess.  Well I guess he didn't do a very good job.  The couple came in and sat down on the same black couch.  She put her hand down and quickly raised it up, with what appeared to be some of this jerks cum on her hand.  That did it, they got up and left the theater. 
Since the couples never have to pay it was not like they had lost any admission fees.  Yes that is right; Couples are free every day all day, more theaters should do this.  I asked the guys who were still in the theater if this was the first couple of the night.  I was told another couple was in about an hour earlier.  They put on a show for the penis gallery, but did not share any fun with the guys.  I am not sure if the second couple would have gotten more involved or not, but everyone was pissed off at the jerk who jacked off and then left some of himself on the couch.  He left the theater after leaving the mess. 
Since I am a patient guy, I decided that this being a Friday night, I would stick around to see who else came through the theater doors.  Being totally free, the couples don't have anything too lose.  Around 11PM another couple came in the theater, she was a BBW probably in her 40s, long dark hair and not a bad looking lady.  He was an average sized guy, probably about the same age.  This time I was on the back couch, and they sat down next to me.  The bad thing was he was next to me and she was at the end of the couch.  It took them a few minutes to get comfortable and then I heard him ask her if she wanted something to tie her hair back with.  Now that is a good sign, if it means she does not want to get her hair in the way of her fun. 
Fulton Ave Theater
Interior #1
She tied her hair back, then he lifted her top and she did not have a bra on.  Once the girls were let out to play, one guy who had been stroking his cock on the couch near her, got up and walked the 3 feet to where she was sitting.  She reached out and started stroking him.  About 3 or 4 minutes later she started sucking him off.  This prompted two other guys to get in line, one of which was myself.  The first guy finished off in her mouth, and number two moved in she is a swallower, the second guy shot his load and she swallowed again. 
Then it was my turn! She sucked me absolutely dry, even after I shot my load she just kept sucking and playing with my balls.  I am not one to pull out and leave, if she wants to keep my dick in her nice warm and soft mouth, then I am not going to complain.  I was very surprised no one else got up and offered to feed her some more cum, but no one did. 
She then gave her guy a good blow job, still no others got up to feed her some more cum.  They left the theater, I was spent, but being one of those guys who likes the thought of more couples coming in, I stayed and tried to rejuvenate just in case. 
Fulton Ave Theater
Interior #2
About 1 hour later another couple did come in, she was a BBW also, but with blondish shoulder length hair.  They sat in the back on the bench, he was in the corner and she leaned back against him.  About 5 minutes later he had her tits out and was stroking them, rolling her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.  There was a place near her feet on the bench so one of the older guys who is a regular at this theater moved over and sat next to her, he started slowly stroking her lower legs to see if she was OK with it.  This guy kept moving further up her legs until he got to her panties, he did move them over a little and started to finger her pussy. 
I then decided it was time to go over and see about playing with her tits.  I asked her guy if it was alright to touch, he said if it was OK with her it was OK with him.  She did not say no, so I began stroking her tits and lightly pinching her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.  She placed her hand on my leg and went up under my shorts, she started stroking me I was hoping she would move her head to the side and decide it was time to start sucking me.  Not to happen, I guess it was way past her bed time so she told her guy she was tired and needed to go home.  They got up, straightened up, and left. 
While this was going on the other BBW came back, her guy started playing with her again, she had a short skirt on and he pulled it up showing off her shaved pussy.  The older guy who had been fingering the Blond BBW, went over and started fingering this dark haired BBW. She was giving her guy another blow job at the same time and both of them got off. I think the older guy had at least 3 fingers in her and she enjoyed it.
No more couples came in, but for such a small theater I think 4 couples is a fantastic turnout.  I'm sure the free pass for couples is what does it.  Next time I'm in Evansville, IN, I will be back.
Now I have to work in the St Louis area for 3 weeks.  I wonder what kind of trouble I can find there?
Oral Reporter signing out
Doc here... Thanks to The Oral Reporter for another solid report!  Keep them coming, sir!
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