Flash Report! Pyramid of Pleasure in Centerville, IL by Longball

Doc here with a Flash Report from a theater I have my eye on - Pyramid of Pleasure in Centerville, IL (address info located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database). Located in the St. Louis metro area, I have not come across any reports...

That is until now.

Regular contributor Longball has stepped up to the plate, and delivered.

Take it away, Longball!


Dr. Lizardo,

I submitted a couple of reports a month or do ago about some great action at 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL.  I'm from the St. Louis area and wanted to bring you and your friends up to speed on a theater that is really gaining some traction during the day.  It's Pyramid of Pleasure in Centreville, IL in the Metro East area of STL.

One side is a strip club and the other side is a theater/restaurant/swing club on the weekends.   It's a nicely adorned little club with a bar/restaurant general area showing sports or other shows on the televisions but also has 3 different theater areas.  One is a couples only theater with couches and tables and plenty of room for playful couples, one is a straight theater where guys and couples who want to play with singles gather, and then there is a gay theater as well.   As all are POP is hit and miss but it seems there are more hits than misses especially on certain weekdays with couples.

I ventured in on a Thursday to check it out for the first time and found a mid-40's couple engaging singles in the straight theater.  She was a small BBW with a great mouth and tight pussy.  She enjoyed several guys on the couches.

The next time I visited it was dead at first, so i just enjoyed a drink in the bar area and waited.  Soon a late 40's couple with a sexy blonde short haired woman came in and had a drink then ventured to the couples area.  I went into the straight theater which is separated from the couples theater by a glass wall with curtains on the couples side in case they'd like to put on a show.  The curtains were pulled open just a bit and they watched the movie there a while before coming into the straight theater.

There were a few other men there, and the couple took a seat on the couch behind me and within a few minutes he was fingering her under her pants while a man in the row behind her felt her tits.  A guy had started stroking and I turned to watch.  A smile from her husband encouraged me to get up and come around for a  closer look.  She had her eyes closed as she was played with and I pulled my cock out to stroke and watch.  Hubby whispered to his blonde wife and she opened her eyes to see me and immediately leaned forward and took my hard cock into her mouth.

She proceeded with a great deep throat blowjob until I exploded and she swallowed every drop.  I thanked her and stepped aside for the next lucky cock.  He was well on his way when I headed out to the bar area for a drink and to recharge. At the bar was a sexy late 30's brunette talking to a man who had been eating at the bar earlier.  Soon a late 20's black couple came in and the couple with the blonde wife headed back to the couples theater and soon the other two couples joined them.

 I headed back to the straight theater hoping the curtain was still slightly open and along with two other singles watched these 3 couples swap, play and cum together over the next hour silhouetted against the flat screen tv of the couples theater.   We were hoping one of the couples would return to the straight theater but alas it didn't happened.  All the couples were satisfied and headed back out shortly.

It seems there are several couples frequenting POP weekday afternoons and some are open to playing in the straight theater with others.

Enjoying the off season,


Doc here again... Many thank to Longball for another terrific Flash Report!  Keep swinging for the fences, sir.

Here is a link to Pyramid of Pleasure's web page highlighting their adult theaters and swingers lounge:   http://www.pyramidofpleasure.com/#!theaters

Next time you are there, tell them Doc sent you from The Journal of Adult Theaters.

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