Flash Report! R and R at the Barnett Ave Superstore in San Diego

Doc here with a positive report from San Diego by regular contributors R and R.  They have done a great job of reporting the problems at The Jolar Cinema, and hopefully one day management will wake up and get the crack heads and hobos out of the theater.

In the meantime, R and R have filed this report on the Barnett Avenue Superstore in San Diego, and it's a good one, folks.

Take it away, R and R!


Greetings, Doc!
I sent you a rather disappointed report about a trip my wife and I took to Jolar Cinema in San Diego a few weeks ago (see below). I just wanted to follow up with a San Diego field report from last Friday night 11/2. I found myself working late at a client's office in nearby Vista. Inspired by the recent encouraging reports, I decided to take a quick detour to scout out the Barnett Adult Superstore (address is in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) near the Sports Arena before beginning the long drive back home.

I arrived at about 8:30 pm. There were no couples there yet. Shortly after that, a REALLY good looking mature blond arrived with her husband. She had a Jamie Eason haircut and a skin tight dress that barely covered her ass or her spectacularly perky tits. (Not that it mattered, the dress didn't stay in place for very long, anyway.)
Shortly after that was the highlight of the evening. Two unrelated young (mid to late twenties) couples came in within a few minutes of each other. One girl was a super cute brunette with awesome tits that strained against her paper thin cotton shirt (no bra!). The other girl was a hot blond with great curves. Both girls were wearing barely-there skirts and had thighs to die for.
Barnett Ave Superstore
Rear Entrance
At first, they took seats in separate theaters, not seeming to notice each other. After being chased around by the penis gallery, both couples found themselves seated next to each other, the girls sitting in their husbands' laps. The girls began to play with each other, then they each started to work on the other man. The ensuing show lasted a good twenty minutes with the girls going down on each other, kneeling on the floor to blow the husbands, taking turns fucking the husbands -- it was incredible. After they finished, both couples straightened their clothes and left the theater and I left a few minutes later. After what I saw the other night at Barnett, I REALLY want to convince my wife to give the theater scene another shot. I'll let you all know how that goes.
I decided to drop by Jolar really fast before heading home (since I needed to get on I-15 anyway). No crackheads, but there was the dirtiest, smelliest hobo you could imagine sleeping and snoring his ass off in the back row of the first theater. He had several backpacks full of stuff taking up the entire back row (three or four seats). WTF? Needless to say, I didn't see any couples.
Thanks again for the awesome site, Doc.
R and R


Doc here again... Thanks again to R and R for another outstanding report from San Diego. Keep up the great work!  And please take the wife on Friday night to Barnett...

OK kids, it's time for you to step up and submit a report. First timers, please include a pen name for us to use moving forward.  As always, I will edit and format your reports... You get the byline and the glory. Please submit your reports to me directly at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I will do the rest.

You know the drill.

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