Flash Report! Stuntslut Simone's Visit To CTs Adult Theater in Gary on 11/16/12 (w/PICS)

Doc here with the first of what may be a few different reports on the amazing evening at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.  Senior reporter The Watcher is the first to check in with a great report that captures the electricity that was in place this past Friday night. 
Here we go... Watcher, take it away sir.
Hey Doc!
Watcher here with my account of another stellar performance by StuntSlutSimone at CT's Adult Theater.  
Several messages from Simone made it clear that she would be arriving at 8pm, and laid out her rules.  I parked the Watcher Wagon outside CT's at about 7:55 and got my mental notebook ready.   My first impression of Simone was how punctual she was. As the clock struck 8, she and her man walked through the door. The second thing I noticed was how hot Simone was.  She had that innocent yet naughty look down perfectly.  There was some discussion later about how to describe Simone.  Let's just say she's a curvy Midwestern girl who is cute-as-a-button in the face, and has perfectly cultivated that a "good little girl gone bad" look.  
Stuntslut Simone at CTs 11/16/12
I had already checked out the crowd in the theater before Simone arrived, and the place was packed.  When Simone made her way into the theater, I was close behind.  I wanted to be close to the action early - not because I'm not patient, but because I knew with this kind of crowd it would be hard to even see what was going on.  After going over the rules one more time, things got underway.  I was able to position myself next to the table as the action started.  Simone got right to work grabbing this reporter's cock and lubing up for her first vaginal visitor of the evening. 
Doc, you and others often say how well behaved the crowd is at CT's.  That's almost always true to the ladies and couples, but not always to each other.  This kind of oppressive crowd (not less than 25 guys crowded around Simone at ANY point during the first 3 hour) wasn't something I wanted to deal with for long, so I was hoping to experience Simone's legendary deep throat skills and give her a load on her face or in her mouth - then get out of the way and put my reporter hat back on.   One gentleman in particular was leaning into me and reaching past me so much that it almost felt like he was about to give me a reach around.   I was able to put that distraction aside and give Simone her first facial of the evening.
Let me say that I've been around women who seem like they're involved with this thing of ours as a "chore," and I've seen women who say they love it, but don't seem all that passionate about it.  Simone really loves it.  After nearly leaping across the table to get my load, she said "That was hot!" after swallowing my cum.  She opened her mouth to show off her prize to her man.  
I stepped aside, to let Mr. Reach-Around and the rest of the Huddled Masses move in.  Over the next three-and-a-half hours, Simone faced every batter that stepped to the plate.  It was a great night to be a reporter for the Doc, but not an easy one.  I would go in and out of the theater, but rarely could I see what was going on.  On several occasions, I even stood on a chair near the back, hoping to see the action.  I occasionally saw Simone's legs in the air, or hands outstretched to the side.   The best indicator of what was going on was the fairly regular muffled gags as Simone deep throated another cock.  Let me tell you that sound is exquisite. 
Stuntslut Simone (from a prior CTs visit)
Being at the side of the table is not the ideal place to experience a deep throat queen, so I knew I had to get back in there at some point with a better "angle" on Simone's incredible mouth.  Luckily, I had talked to Simone and her husband and they knew I would be reporting on the evening.  Later, as Simone was returning from a break, she decided that she wanted to be on her knees sucking cock for a while, and chose that moment to demonstrate her deep throat skills on yours truly.
Let me say again that she really enjoys her work.  She worked on me slowly at first, then looked up at me with a mischievous smile just before slowly burying my bone with a skill I had not experienced before.   I let her show me a few of her tricks, but then I backed off - knowing I probably couldn't muster a second load in a reasonable amount of time. 
When I left right around midnight, Simone had just taken another break, and was maybe done for the night.  The Doc himself had arrived a while before that, so I'll defer to him if there was any more action after this reporter left. Whether or not she played any more, she had certainly put in an amazing night's work already, taking guys in every position imaginable, sucking cock, eating cum, taking facials, and even shoving the table aside to get fucked on the floor.
What a night!
Doc here again... It was an incredible night @ CTs. The Watcher has delivered a pitch-perfect accounting of the evening, and he is on point as usual. And yes, there was additional fun even after Simone and Mr. Simone left for the evening... A single woman took up shop in the back row of the theater around midnight.  More on that exhibition in the next report.
Simone was on-fire, and delivered a night for the ages at CTs.  Many thanks not only to Stuntslut Simone and her guy, but to The Watcher for getting in the trenches on this crazy night.
Simone is the real deal, and if you ever encounter her at an adult theater, you'll be a better person for doing it.  They are as perfect as an adult theater couple as you are likely to run into inside this thing of ours.
If you were there last Friday night, submit your take on the evening to The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I'd love to get multiple takes on this great evening.
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