Flash Report! Westwood Boy at The Westwood Theatre of the Arts on 11/23/12

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from the Westwood Theatre of the Arts in Toledo, OH by Westwood Boy.

Couples traffic is picking up nicely at the great renovated theater.  This report supports that claim, and then some.

So without further delay, here is Westwood Boy and his report!


I went to the Westwood Theatre again last Friday night. It started out pretty slow, with maybe 15-20 guys there. Then walked in 2 couples. 1 was an older couple, and the other an older man with a 20 something girl!

The older couple sat in the back of the couples section while the May/June couple sat in the front of the couples section. I thought well this could lead to something and it did. She started by sucking her older male friend, then they left the couple section and headed to the middle of the theater. After that half of the theater followed them. She sat down, and then went and jacked off anybody who stood in front of her.

Wow that was something to see and to feel! Until next time...



Doc here again... Thanks to Westwood Boy for his report on some couples action at The Westwood Theatre of the Arts in Toledo.

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