FRAUD ALERT! We've Been Had By Theaterslut Jasmine

Doc here...

Remember the report from Sunday about Theater Slut Jasmine?  All the pics of her in and out of her clothes? 

Well kids, we've been had.  "Jasmine" is a fraud.

The morning after the initial Theaterslut Jasmine article, I received not one, but two e-mails from people I know within this things of ours.  Both said basically the same thing... That "Jasmine" had talked with them as well, with promises of gang bangs and theater sex. Both said at the end of the day, they could never get "Jasmine" on the phone, and make these events happen.  All that happened were an exchange of pics before she stopped communicating.  I yanked the report as soon as I got both e-mails.

Yes, "Jasmine" is probably a Jerome, and  living in his mom's basement. Collecting pics.

I reached out to "Jasmine" after I received the warning e-mails, and gave her/him an opportunity to respond.  I asked "Jasmine" to agree to a phone call for a voice verification.  My response from "Jasmine"?


There is nothing that The Good Doctor hates more than something or someone damaging my creditability. I trust my BS detector...But unfortunately it didn't go off on Sunday.  I wasted a lot of time editing photos of probably some innocent woman whose pics he grabbed from somewhere else on the net and passed off as "Jasmine".

I feel bad that I published her request for readers to reach out to her.  My bad. It won't happen again.

I hope you, the good readers of The Journal, are as pissed off as I am.  If you corresponded with "Jasmine", or bought into what she was selling, then I suggest letting this fraud know you feel about being duped.  As a reminder, "Jasmine's" e-mail is .

Feel free to CC me on the e-mail. 

Jasmine Jerome, you have been exposed as a fraud. 

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