House Call! The Good Doctor @ The Westwood Theatre of the Arts - Part 2 - Friday and Saturday + Photo Gallery Supplement

Doc here with Part 2 of my House Call to Toledo's Westwood Theatre of the Arts.

In Part 1, we took a photo tour of this refurbished grand old movie house, talked about the awesome staff, and the vision of the new ownership.  The future is indeed, very bright.

Now onto my two visits "off the clock" to The Westwood, on Friday and Saturday night,11/9 and 11/10.

Of the two nights I visited The Westwood, Friday night was the busier of the two.  Four couples were in attendance between 8pm and 10:30pm, taking up their respective seats inside The Westwood's Couple's Section:
  • Couple #1 was a young pair... A tall African American guy and his pretty white girlfriend. 
  • Couple #2 was a white middle-aged couple, with a curvy lady. 
  • Couple #3 was a thin blonde girl (who would also stop in Saturday afternoon for some couple's video booth play) and her guy friend.
  • Couple #4 was a younger couple, with a tall thin brunette with long black hair and even longer legs.  Her little black dress highlighted those legs, even underneath her overcoat.
Nothing of note transpired, beyond a little groping and stroking.  And around 10:30pm or so, all of the couples left with 5 minutes of each other (the auditorium is open until Midnight Friday and Saturday evenings).

The Westwood's Main Auditorium
Saturday was a long one for The Good Doctor, as he photographed the theater and it's balcony during the morning, and met with the owner during that time and over lunch. I swung by The Westwood again in the mid-afternoon, and talked with the lovely Donna.  If you have spoken to or have seen her during a trip into The Westwood since it's re-opening, you know how awesome she is to be around.

After Donna left for the day, Mike arrived to pick up where Donna had left off.  Mike is a terrific guy, and the perfect person to watch over a busy Saturday night at The Westwood.  Mike was very informative, and gave me plenty of insight on life at The Westwood after it's re-opening.  His right hand man, George, who works security, was a friendly guy who kept and eye both inside the store and outside in the parking lot.

Couple's Video Booths
It was during Mike's shift that the thin blonde girl came back in the late afternoon and enjoyed some quality time with her guy-friend and a +1 inside the couple's video booth.  

There was one couple that came and went a few times during Saturday night, but they were riding solo in the Couple's Section.  She was an attractive soccer mom-type, with a playful sense about her. They ventured back to the video booths, even ducking in for some one-on-one time for a bit.  On a busier evening, this story might have ended differently that it did. By 11pm, they disappeared into the Toledo night.

That particular weekend, it was pretty dead at every top adult theater in the country. 15th Ave in Chicago, BNA in Berlin, NJ, The Paris in Portland, even The Summit News in Warren, OH, were all relatively quiet. I guess it was a post-election hangover.


The Tuesday after I returned back from Toledo and to the comfy confines of The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college, I received two photos from the owner of the Westwood.  It seems that it was high time to start replacing some of the theater seats in the Couple's Section with...Wait for it... Love seats and small couches.

Here are two pics of the start of this love seat project in the Couple's Section of The Westwood:

The Doctor's Orders

The rebirth of Westwood Theatre of the Arts is one of 2012 highlights for The Good Doctor. It was sad to it close it's doors in 2011, but it's rebirth as a renovated classic movie house is nothing short of staggering.

And the best part?  There are many more improvements in the pipeline. A Couple's VIP Balcony, a rebuilt stage for special adult shows, and much more.

And as each of these new features comes on board, you will read about it here first @ The Journal of Adult Theaters. Your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.

Thanks again to the great staff at The Westwood, and to the new ownership!


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