House Call! The Good Doctor @ The Westwood Theatre of the Arts - Part 1 -14 Photo Gallery

Doc here with Part 1 of my House Call Report from the weekend in Toledo at the Westwood Theatre of the Arts.

Part 1 is a complete photo gallery of the renovated Westwood Theatre, from the exterior to the entire interior (which houses the theatre itself, the ABS, and the video arcade).  Plus you will get an exclusive glimpse of the Westwood's mysterious balcony area.

Before starting the gallery, I once again want to thank the ownership and staff of the Westwood Theatre of the Arts for being so helpful during the House Call(s).  There are great things going on at The Westwood, and you owe it to yourself to get there and see what they have done to this grand old theatre.

The Good Doctor was present during the Westwood's last two night's under it's old management (May of 2011), and while the evening was wild, it was obvious the theatre had been neglected for quite awhile.  Most, including me, thought it was curtains for The Westwood.

Fast forward to now... The new ownership has pumped in a lot of time, effort, and money in renovating the auditorium and projection system, updating the store section in the lobby of the theater, and housing a state of the art video arcade area with a few large couple's booths, and many smaller booths.

And they are not done yet!  A brand new stage is almost complete in front of the screen, and a balcony re-opening focused on the couples crowd is part of the future plans.

So what does the theatre look like now?


Westwood Theatre of the Arts Photo Gallery (click images to ENLARGE)

Main Seating Area

Couple's Section

Original Lighting Restored

The Unopened Balcony
(Great things coming soon!)

View from the Balcony
(Not open to the public - It's HUGE!)

Couples Video Booths

Doc here again... I hope you enjoyed the new photos of The Westwood Theatre of the Fine Arts. There is such a significant difference in it's condition from the time it closed until it re-opening, it's startling. When I walked into the auditorium for the first time Friday night, the theatre smelled clean, and looked amazing. 
So if you have been to the Westwood in the past, and have not gone back since it re-opened, do it.  You'll be just as amazed as I was. Couples... You will find The Westwood to be clean, safe, and a lot of fun.  It's couple's section provides an exclusive atmosphere to enjoy... And rumor has it that in the near future some of the theater seats in the couple's section will be replaced by love seats.  The Good Doctor will keep you up to speed on it's progress.
Part 2 will cover Friday and Saturday night at The Westwood during my House Call visit.
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