House Call! The Good Dr. Heads To Toledo & The New Westwood Art Theatre

Doc here... The Good Doctor has fueled up and waxed to a spit shine the Lizardo 3000,  and will be on his way to Toledo for a two-day stint at The Westwood Art Theatre this weekend (Friday and Saturday).
So, if you happen to see a short Sicilian with black hair, and with the unmistakable scent of meatballs about him, introduce yourself. I will be at The Westwood late Friday (around 9pm or so), and Saturday morning and evening.  I will be working on a profile of this great adult theater, and taking photographs of the newly remodeled interior. 
Saturday night I will there as a patron of the arts and off the clock.  If you plan of being there Saturday night, please email me at, with "Toledo" in the subject line.  It will be nice to meet any readers/reporters/couples.
Thanks, and I'll see you in the Glass City!
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