Thank You To The Westwood Theatre In Toledo!

The Westwood Theatre of the Arts
Toledo, OH 11/2012
Doc here with a sincere thank you to the owner and the awesome staff at the newly re-opened Westwood Theatre of the Arts in the Glass City of Toledo, Ohio!

From the time The Good Doctor pulled the Lizardo 3000 into the newly re-paved parking lot at The Westwood, until I pulled away very late Saturday night, I felt welcomed as a comrade in arms. 

The rebirth of the Westwood Theatre is a great story, and the best part as it keeps getting better every day. Over the next few days, I will publish my reports of my House Call weekend, as well as a portfolio of brand new images of the exterior and interior of this refurbished movie palace. 

The staff at The Westwood is outstanding...Courteous, very friendly, fun, respectful, and helpful.  A tip of The Good Doctor's hat to Ryan, Donna, Mike, & George.  It's a staff like this that makes The Westwood stand out compared to other adult theaters.  The new owners have a great team in place!

I was also lucky enough to meet over a dozen regular readers of The Journal on Saturday at The Westwood... While I didn't get everyone's name, I enjoyed our conversations greatly.  So thank you to Jim, Brandon, Keith (hope the wife is feeling better!), navy sweater guy, white ball cap guy, and the rest of you that introduced yourselves to The Good Doctor.

Stay tuned for more from The Westwood Theatre of the Arts House Call...

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