The Captain Hits Both Portland and Spokane With A Vengence

Doc here with the second installment of his Portland/Spokane trip from The Captain.  Cappy has a flair for being in the right place at the right time. and this report is no different.
Take it away, Cappy!
Ahoy Doc,
After a terrific first evening at the Paris Theater Thursday night, my plan was to return later Friday night (11/9). I acquired my admission for the early in the day when a red flag flew about 2pm and chatted with a few locals to see what the best times would be to attend. from midnight on was strongly suggested.
As I entered the theater there was a rubensque woman in her 30's laying on her side on the padded bench along the penis gallery railing blowing her much younger male companion. It was a scene from a Renascence period painting and I now can better appreciate my fine art class from the days at the merchant marine academy. The younger male companion brought her down to a red couch and two hand picked gentleman joined them. She blew one while the other fingered her to a squirting orgasm.
The Wally Power Yacht
The one getting blown switched places with the woman's companion and  vigorously practiced the Heimlich maneuver to his orgasm, the couch actually slid a few inches while he was in motion, a yeoman's effort indeed. After this performance, they departed, the rubensque woman embarrassed about having left a wet spot flipped the couch cushion. Note to squirters: check with the clerk on duty for towels, it appeared to me they are available. Perhaps Brent can shed some light?. 

My plan to return went a bit awry when I failed to ensure the battery backup on the Wally's computer system was functioning and I slept right through the witching hour. I awoke at 2:30 am and checked Brent's Yahoo Group, sure enough red flags had flown; a total of 7 I believe. Not being able to be in ship shape by the time the last flag flew shortly after 3am the Captain resigned himself to ready the Wally Power Yacht to head up the Columbia River to Spokane.
Paris Theatre
Portlandia, USA
After a proper systems check, my theater instincts were tingling and I checked Brent's group about 5am and sure enough there was a 4:25am red flag. Having the Wally berthed not far from the Paris I was able to get there by 5:15 and see a  blonde BBW and a very fit gentleman in action in the couples area with another guy. The man was being orally serviced by her and the extra stunt cock was pounding her from behind. I took position at the railing to watch the show.
There were two other gentleman in the theater watching the movie instead of the real show. After the extra gentleman finished, he offered me up and the man waved me up. I showed him my "gold card" (magnum condom) and was allowed into the couples area. I had about a 10 min adventure with the couple and had to depart. 5am fun at the adult theater makes me miss the old days at the Cine Art in Troy (RIP) when that theater commanded respect before being closed.

I fired up the Wally's twin turbo diesels with a low rumble and slipped away from the berth in the dark heading to Spokane for a short side trip. My research in Spokane area turned up Hollywood Erotic Boutique (address in in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database). An adult bookstore and head shop with a 5-room theater upstairs.  
Iarrived about 10:30pm and paid my $12 admission. Not sure if couples are 2 for 1. The
theater" is a typical small office sized rooms, each with a fabric curtain over the doorway, a 24" TV shwing a DVD, and some plastic garden/lawn furniture for seating/  The seats bwere spread across the room... Not the most appealing of theaters, but when in Spokane.
One room is a gay flick, one is transgender and the other 3 are straight. I checked out all 5 rooms, pausing with hope in the middle room only to discover a cross=dresser in a fur coat and heels when my eyes adjusted to the darkness.
I waited in the back room, figuring that being the one farthest from the front door would be the most likely spot for a couple to have some fun. There were about 6 guys wandering from room to room with anticipation, when to my surprise a couple did come in. They checked out the three straight rooms and picked the one closest to the front of the store (go figure). They stood near the doorway and I took a seat and unzipped to prepare my party Popsicle for whatever might happen.
The Captain Is Welcomed To The Pacific Northwest
She was a very pretty blonde, about 5'7" and maybe 125 lbs, B-cups pierced (hidden under her winter coat)  and jeans. About 30 seconds after my party Popsicle made it's appearance she quickly sat down two seats away from me, I smiled and she asked what I was doing. I replied just trying to stroke to this up, to which she replied to my disbelief "Do you want some help?" - I think my chair was spring loaded I stood up so fast, I think her chair may have collapsed the way she hit the floor on her knees.
She quickly took my half melted popsicle in her mouth and made it fully hard quickly. The two other gentlemen in the room moved closer to see her in action. She was very passionate about her work and after about 5mins I started to unload in her her mouth (letting her know before I did) and she took the first squirt in her mouth pushing it out with her tongue and aiming the rest at her lips and chin.
She smiled at her male companion and the next guy whipped it out and she went to work on him. He finished on her face and she reached for the hand towel she brought and wiped some goo from her hand and brought it near her face, her gentleman barked her name and told her to not wipe her face and she looked up apologetically and went right to work on the next gentleman taking her time with him and finishing him off on her face. She slid to the other side of the small room where her gentleman was watching and began to suck him off with her face dripping in go from the bottom of her eyes down to her chin. She swallowed his load and smiled happily and was allowed to wipe her face. We chatted for a few minutes expressing our appreciation for her efforts, trading a few stories about thing of ours and we all departed the "theater".

Finally Monday I made it back to the Paris in time to catch the 11:30 flag -  borrowing from a recent post in Brent's group - "she 22 yrs old, blonde spiked hair, huge natural boob;, he 27, a very frequent patron with staying power par excellence. They were still there at 2:30 when I left, determined to stay until about 4. She had six orgasms, the first being a real wet one, between 11:30 and 2:30 as he screwed her ass off 6 times, with breaks in between."

The great thing about this thing of ours is you just never know what can happen at any given moment!

Safe travels!

Doc here again...Needless to say, a great report from an out of the way theater by a great man: The Captain. There may be some great captains in the annals of history: Ahab, Nemo, Kirk, Crunch... But for my money, I will take our's...The Captain. Keep the reports coming sir!

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