UPDATED!!! Stuntslut Simone @ CTs Adult Theater TONIGHT at 8pm! (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a BULLETIN!  Tonight @ 8PM at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN, the brunette dynamo known as Stuntslut Simone will be making her 3rd appearance.

Ladies and gentlemen, Stuntslut Simone is the REAL DEAL. I have seen her in action on her previous trips into CTs, and not only is she stunningly pretty, but she is a very bad girl. 

How bad, you may ask?

Well, Stuntslut Simone has a well-defined set of do's and don't for tonight. She and her guy know what they want, how they want it, and plenty of it.

Here is Simone's list (not to be confused with Schindler's List):

I'm 28, bi, 5'7", long dark reddish hair, C-cup, size 12, curvy, thick, big round ass, and love to suck and deep throat.

My favorite thing in the world is thick cocks, and I love BBC, but enjoy playing with anyone who is well-behaved, clean (both showered and d/d-free) and hard :D

I don't have a lot of rules, but here they are:

No cameras. No photos or video by anyone but us. Seriously. Please don't break this rule--I want to stay and have fun, and I don't want you to get kicked out, either. Anything we shoot will not include any faces but mine. Also, to be clear, I'm not a porn chick--I'm just doing this because I love it.

No fingers or pussy eating. No fingers in me or eating my pussy, please--I get sore too fast that way. I'll make an exception if you are female :D

Use a condom, unless...Unless I ask you to go bare.

Don't use spermicidal condoms! I'm not even sure if they still make those horrible things, but lots of girls, including me, are allergic to that nasty stuff. If you aren't sure, just get a condom from me or my guy. I'll bring plenty ;)

Anal is not guaranteed...So please stay out of the back door unless I invite you in.

Yes, I swallow and get messy! I love to deep throat and swallow, or you can cum on my face or tits. Hell, you can cum on my feet, if that's your kink ;)

Yes, you can smack that ass! I'm not looking for any pain, but I'm not fragile, either--you can hold my hair, hold my throat, smack my ass, fuck my face, pound me hard, call me a slut. Dirty "porn action" like that is fun :D

If you aren't ready, come back later. If you are having hard-on problems, please give someone else a turn and come back when you are ready. No worries--it happens to everyone, and even more in groups.

Get in, get off and get out :) My purpose is to fuck as many guys as I can before I wear out! If you are in my mouth or hand, you should be close to feeding me or splattering me, or about to fuck me. If you are in my pussy (or maybe my butt), don't show off your stamina, please--just cum! :)

Please hold off on seconds. If you have already cum once, please hang back and wait until everyone gets their time with me. Once I've fucked everyone, I'll either start taking on repeat customers, or maybe I'll kneel on the floor and get bukkaked >:)

I'll get there at about 8pm, and stick around for several hours until everybody gets a turn, so no need to scramble to get at me in the first 20 minutes! ;)

If you want to say hi in advance, show off your thick cock, or discuss some special request, hit me up at stuntslutsimone@gmail.com.

I hope you'll fuck me Friday! :P  ALL readers are invited to ....

Stuntslut Simone's Pic Gallery Taken @ CTs!  (Click to ENLARGE Pics)


Doc here again... I will need reporters on the scene for this event!  Two have confirmed ("The Watcher", and another will be in deep undercover), but I'd like to get multiple reports.  Hell, I'm will try to get there myself after a business engagement.

Why? Because Simone is THAT HOT!  Trust me on this...

UPDATED 6:45pm CDT: Word has it that two single females will be showing up at 11pm CDT for last call!  They were in earlier in the day, and they will help wrap things up tonight.

See you tonight.

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