A Few Minutes With The Good Doctor: Saying Good-Bye To 2012

Doc here, your humble sea bass, with a recap of a tremendous year here at The Journal of Adult Theaters. 2012 was the year The Journal became relevant, even with The Good Doctor stumbling out of the gate.

During February and March of 2012, your narrator was flexing his gymnastic muscle in an ill-conceived attempt to join Cirque du Soleil.  After training for weeks in the hot Texas sun, I was dismissed from the troupe due to my thirst for Bloody Marys and an inability to balance a co-performer on my mustache. So it was back to The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college, and back to giving 100% of my energy back into The Journal.

Since The Good Doctor's return, The Journal has seen exponential growth, more than doubling it's monthly readership since May 2012. A big part of the growth was partnering with Cathy from Cathyscraving.com on her summer adult theater tour across the USA. I was able to help pave the way at these theaters (along with my colleague Brent in Portland) in order to provide a great adult theater experience for Cathy. Her stops in Hartford's awesome Art Cinema, CTs Adult Theater in Gary, and Portland's Oregon Theater were huge successes. I even lent my skills behind the camera to shooting stills for the CTs visit in August.

Also in August was my first (of many) trips to Hartford and the art deco Art Cinema. With my partner in crime, Looking Glass Alice at my side, the weekend in Hartford was nothing short of incredible. Besides shooting a photo essay of the theater, we met Ernie, owner of the Art Cinema, who is just an incredible guy. We met several great couples, like M&S, The Chef and his Wife, A&A, and several others that made the time spent at The Art memorable.

 LGA and I agreed that we would try to get back to Hartford as soon as we could, and that happened again in October.  That's how good The Art Cinema is for the couple's adult theater scene.  The balcony of this theater is a destination in and of itself. Yes, it's that good.

My recent poll of who makes up the readership of The Journal showed that 30% of you are couples. This number validates what I have been seeing and receiving in terms of reports and e-mails. The number of Couples Flash Reports has gone up dramatically, and requests of advice from couples to me is now a daily thing.  And it's also a welcome thing.

In October The Good Doctor ventured east to visit Toledo's newly refurbished Westwood Theatre of the Arts. What I discovered was a startling re-birth of a once run-down theater. The renovation is a long-term project, but even after only 4 months since it's re-opening, it is attracting many couples and patrons back through it's doors.  I also shot a photo essay of The Westwood, and to this day still gets it's fair share of pageviews.  The new ownership is top notch, the staff is professional, personable, and a lot of fun.  And 2013 will yield even bigger surprises for the patrons of The Westwood.

The year wrapped up with Velvet Skye's Xmas Gloryhole Tour down Route 77 in the eastern US. Much like what I did with Cathy's Summer Tour, I suggested stop points that would be fun to both Velvet and Mr. V, and also to the patrons in these locations. After a disastrous start at Annabelles in Winston-Salem, her stopover at Fantasyland I in Tampa is now the stuff of legends. 3 Visits over a day and a half set the place on it's ear!

The last week of 2012 was the busiest adult theater week in recent memory.  Big turnouts at Fantasyland in Tampa, The Paris Theatre in Portland, 15th Ave. in Chicagoland, The Art Cinema in Hartford, CTs in Gary, The Westwood in Toledo, and Berlin News in NJ should yield some healthy reports hopefully. 

It's been a great 2012, and I want to thank all the reporters and contributors to The Journal that spent their time putting together reports, taking pics, and getting in the trenches to provide our readers with the latest from this thing of ours.  You are too numerous to mention individually, but you know who you are.

I would like to mention a few colleagues by name as having made 2012 special for The Good Doctor: My partner in crime, Looking Glass Alice, the lovely Moaning Lisa, Cathy and Peter from Cathyscraving.com, Velvet Skye and Mr. V from Velvetskye.com , Gloryhole Nancy and T, The Lovely Lucy, my good friend and colleague Brent in Portland, Ernie (owner of The Art Cinema), my extended family at The Westwood Theatre of the Arts, the always entertaining Mr. and Mrs. X, and my friend and colleague in arms, MajorVoyeur.

With more than 2.3 million pageviews under it's belt, The Journal will continue to be your one-stop shop for this thing of ours.  In 2012 I published 528 reports here @ The Journal... And for 2013, I'm aiming higher.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year everyone!


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