Bulletin! The Bayou Boudreaux & Friend to Visit Biloxi Saturday 12/29!

Doc here with a preview of a coming attraction at Biloxi's Gulf Coast Adult Theater for this Saturday.

Making a return appearance will be The Bayou Boudreaux, and his companion, "Lil Slut".  Their last visit put the Gulf Coast Theater on it's ear, and the are looking for more of the same this Saturday.

Here is a brief statement from The Bayou Boudreaux regarding Saturday.


Hey Doc,

I know a few people from this area keep up with your reports. I am taking the Lil Slut out for cock/cum and we'll be bringing a couple new to the experience.

I'd like to put out the call to all that want a fun time Dec. 29th.
We ask you are :

Thanks Doc and Merry Christmas!



Doc here again... Go on out to the Gulf Coast Adult Theater, and support the effort that the BB and his Lil Slut put out there.

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