Couple's Flash Report! The Bayou Boudreaux @ Biloxi's Gulf Coast Theater (w/21 PICS!)

Doc here with another wild report from that ragin' Cajun, The Bayou Boudreaux

If you thought last week's report was crazy, just wait until you read this report and have a chance to digest all 21 photos from Saturday night at Biloxi's Gulf Coast Adult Theater.

This week, the Bayou Boudreaux ups the ante, with him bringing not just one girl, but two girls to the theater in Biloxi.  And from the looks of it, the playing was HARD!

So as a way of welcoming you to the new work week, please enjoy this great report from The Bayou Boudreaux.  And a major thank you to The BB for another great report!


Hello Doc,
This is another report from the Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS.  After what happened last weekend, we weren’t sure what to expect but we knew it would be a hard act to follow.
With the lil slut and her gf, sexy wench in tow, we entered the theater and found a comfortable place to sit.  As usual, we actually watched a little of the movie, but we did notice our entrance got a few people’s attention.  A few gathered around to see what, if anything, was going to happen.  The regulars knew it was just a matter of time before the fun and games began.
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
We watched the movie, lil slut on one side, sexy wench on the other.  We were discussing piercings and soon both ladies had their tits out comparing nipple piercings.  Well, who was I to argue, tits to the left, tits to the right.
The cocks started coming out, the girls looked at me, I gave a nod and off to cock sucking they went.  Lil slut and Sexy Wench both had cocks cumming from all directions and they took each on in stride.  Sexy Wench had to be careful with the tit play, her nipples are freshly pierced, lil slut had her tits out for all to see and play with.  Both dresses were up, and as you can image, there were no panties, easy access for all! 
Doc, the gals sucked and worked cock, one after another.  Some loads were so large lil slut dribbled a little of the cum.  Knowing how I feel about wasting a load, the girls would clean the spilled cum off the other.  There were hands on cunts, fingers playing, tits out, it was the making of a good night.  As the first round of cocks were sated, the two sluts relaxed a minute before lil slut laid back Sexy Wench and gave her cunt a good tongue lashing.  I think it was good, the sounds Sexy Wench made was much better than the movie soundtrack!  The entire theater was watching the girl show and they did not disappoint.  Lil slut, as I have been told, is quite the pussy eater and I know she loves cum regardless of gender.  When she surfaced, lil slut had the pussy juice sheen on her face, what a wonderful site!
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
The night continued, but the cock sucking slowed down for a little bit.  Not from desire of the two sluts, they were milking the cum faster than the guys could recuperate.  Soon tho Sexy Wench was bent over, taking cock in her pussy, and being face fucked by another cock.  Lil slut was bent laid back, her pussy getting well eaten by a fellow that seemed awfully hungry!!  It wasn’t long before lil slut was bent over taking one in her pussy as well.  Both were now fucking, sucking and taking all cummers.  Both milked every cock in the place, some twice, and one three times.
The last load of cum for the night was mine.  Sexy Wench and lil slut work my cock over, licking, sucking, working the balls.  Someone took lil slut from behind, began fucking her so Sexy Wench took over the cock sucking duties.  It wasn’t long before my load shot down her sexy throat and she suck it all down.  With us all spent, the owner flashing the lights, closing time, we were all done!
Doc, overall a good night, both cum sluts got loads of goo, were fingered, fucked, played with and both had cum numerous times. 
Til next time Doc, keep up the good work!
Bayou Boudreaux
Photo Gallery From Saturday 12/1 (click thumbnails to ENLARGE)


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