Field Report! Maya Hits Leisure Time Cinema in Davie, FL

Doc here with an eye-opening Field Report from frequent contributor, Maya. Maya is not new to this thing of ours, and has seen much with her pretty eyes.

So, if something she encounters doesn't feel right, she bases her view on plenty of experience.  This report is one of those times...

Here is Maya, and her trip to Leisure Time Theater in Davie, FL.


Hi Doc,

Visited Leisure Time Theater in Davie, FL last Saturday Dec 1 at around 9:00 pm and thought I would share some impressions with you.  The place looks good from the outside, and is also clean inside, but......

The guy in charge could not have been ruder, insulting, and overall obnoxious. He had a disgusting attitude, raised his voice, and was simply mean and unfriendly as can be. No manners, total aggression and negative tension. 
Leisure Time Cinema
Davie, FL
My husband insisted in paying the $12 fee anyways and check it out.  It does not have two sides and or two theaters plus private rooms, only one really small theater with some seat rows, and nothing else, no couches, nooks, crannies etc.

When you open to door to get in after paying you are in it, no transition whatsoever, so everybody inside is seen immediately and bothered by the intense light that shines on them. There where two other couples and around 20 guys, all sitting very primly and well behaved.

There was no action whatsoever, no response nor interest in me being there, and nothing whatsoever happened during our (brief) stay. My strong suspicion is that nothing happens EVER, period!!!!

I (we) felt totally unwelcome, insulted, mistreated. Also the place seems to offer absolutely nothing besides a puny screen with a porn flick and a place to sit and watch while sitting stiffly like if you where in the principle's office.

Perhaps you can add this report plus adjust the database. They most definitely don't deserve any business, they offer only aggravation in exchange. Go somewhere else and see a PG-13 movie, or if you are bent into XXX get a DVD and watch in the privacy of your home, it will be more enjoyable.

Hope you are doing good as usual Doc.
Doc here... Thanks to the lovely Maya for her insightful report.  I'm disappointed that Maya had such an awful time at Leisuretime Cinema, but I am more than happy to pass along any intel (positive or negative) along to you, the good readers of The Journal.
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