Flash Report! Crazy Saturday Night @ The Westwood Theatre in Toledo

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report, right along with some great news from Toledo and The Westwood Theatre of the Arts.

So without further ado, here is Westwood Boy and his report from the newly renovated Westwood Theater.



Westwood boy here. Don't know if you want to call this a Flash Report or not, but the Westwood was on fire last night (12/1/12)! I have never seen so many different couples before ever at one time here.

Westwood Theatre's
Couples Section
At one point there was no sitting in the couples section. Every couch every chair was occupied.  Action was every where. Even a lesbian 3-some in the couples area. I really don't think anyone was watching the movie. And I also seen a couple that was a regular from the past making a return (I don't know their names, but I  just know they are from out of town and would come in to play back in the day). At one point there were 9 couples at one time but I counted 17 total the time I was out.

Helluva night. Action all the way till closing time which is now 2am on the weekends.

And just think, I almost went home from a long Saturday work day. All and I mean all the couples played. Sucking and fucking, but only in the couples section and like the lesbian 3-some, with each each other.

The only couple I seen playing with the crowd was the last couple to come in. She started by sucking her man then 3 other guys then off to the couples section to end. I didn't finish watching them as it was nearly 2am then.



Thanks for the great update, Westwood Boy.  I'm glad the Westwood continues to grow after it's reopening months back... 17 Couples is outstanding anywhere in the country.  Keep up the solid work, Westwood Boy!

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