Flash Report! Darknight in San Diego - Part 3; Jolar Cinema

Doc here with Part 3 of Darkight's San Diego Trip... This time, he hits an afternoon at The Jolar Cinema, and hits paydirt!



Hi again Doc,

Just to finish up my past San Diego weekend...

So I was on the way home and made a stop at the Jolar Cinema at around 1pm to see how things were going. I stopped and chatted with the clerk on duty: a stocky bald black man about the theatre and disappointing stories I've been hearing and apparently they were quite aware and now started a random check of tickets and shady personnel inside. While chatting, the manager Sandy arrived... I've known her quite a while, as I met her through Brent's Paris yahoo site so it was nice to catch up. They have taken care of the latest problem and also the couple that got busted a few months ago their case was dismissed as the theatre is a private area and there is a warning on sexually explicit material before entering. (ed. note: Good news!)

Jolar Cinema
San Diego, CA

During our conversation a couple came in - the guy was older and reminded me of Tim Conway and his lady is a small brunette in a black spaghetti strap dress. They said hello to Sandy, bought their ticket and went back to the theatre. Sandy and the clerk then informed me you better get back there as they put on quite a show, so I headed in.

There were about 10 guys inside, and the couple stood against the center wall between both theatres. I walked in and sat in the 2nd row of the first theatre against the wall and they then came and sat behind me. They immediately started playing, with her dress hiked up and her B cups were out on display and Tim went to town fingering her twat. She was shaking and moaning in no time I had a great view between my seat then. In from the other theatre came a burly Deon Sanders looking brother, who walked in black basketball outfit and sat next to her against the wall. He said hi and started sucking on her right tit (they seem to know him), he then pulled his cock out and Tim grabbed her by the hair like holding a pitbull by the collar and pushed her face down on Deon's monster cock.

I could now hear gurgling and gaging sounds coming from her, when she raised up it was like she was holding her breath under water gasping for air, "I never saw any thing like it."  Tim did this again a couple more times then they all stood up as he bent her over and started fucking her while she continued blowing Deon. Everyone now converged on the scene with cocks out and stroking... They then turned her around and switched Deon was now fucking her she started making loud sounds. Tim kept the crowd at bay constantly saying "give us room and don't stand there". He was quite the director and everyone was well behaved.
Jolar Cinema
San Diego, CA
All this time, he still had her by the hair while she sucked his cock, he then called a young college looking kid to his right over motioning with his index finger as the kid got next to him he moved her head from his cock and fed her the kids. During all this Deon started grunting and pounding her harder and faster and blasted his load. He thanked Tim and with a slap on the shoulder he left.

Tim then picked a stocky blond dude who stepped up and started fucking her. I was now behind Tim, and when the kid was done he looked at me over his left shoulder and said "you're up."

I stepped up and he guided her head to my cock, and she started trying to take it deep and gagged (it felt great). I started fucking her mouth, and Tim then handed me a condom. I switched with blond dude, rolled the rubber on, slid my cock inside her...She was very wet and would take a bit of fucking for me to cum. After a few minutes and courtesy to the guys, I pulled out and jacked on her ass.

Like a Dr. in an operating room, Tim called out for tissue and 1 of the guys close to a dispenser grabbed and handed him a couple to clean her up. He then announced "its break time fellas"!  On that note I thanked them and headed out to continue my 15 FWY trip back to Ontario.

Thanks Doc, and happy holidays to all!



Doc here again... Many thanks to Darknight for his 3-part series on his San Diego weekend. Thank you, and keep updating us on the SoCal scene.

Speaking of reports, The Good Doctor needs reports from you, the good readers of The Journal.  It's time to step up, and put fingers to keyboard, and let it rip on your latest adult theater visits.  First time reporters, please include a pen name for your report. 
Send the reports to me directly at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I do the editing and formatting, and get all the credit.
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