Flash Report! The Oral Reporter at Circle Cinema in Wichita, KS

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from The Oral Reporter and his recent trip to Circle Cinema in Wichita, KS.

Take it away, sir!


Good Dr.,

This is the Oral Reporter with a short report from the Circle Cinema in Wichita, KS. Last Friday the 30th of November I went to the Circle Cinema, paid my (senior fee) $4.00 admission and went in the theater.

I was there about an hour and a couple came in.  They are regulars and have been going to the Circle Cinema for many years. I'm not sure of their ages, but I would guess late 50's She has a petite figure, gray hair, small maybe "A" cup boobs, but fantastic nipples.
When they arrived, they went straight back to the back in the small alcove area where there is only a bench around the very back.  It was then I knew that they were regulars. The couple started a conversation with a couple of the guys and watched some of the XXX movie playing.  I was standing in front of them and just a little off to their left.  Naturally I was stroking myself and hoping they would decide to play.  No such luck (yet), and they went out to get a couple of Cokes, and came back in. 

I had moved over to the area that they were sitting in, and sure enough they came right back
to the same location.  This time she sat down right next to me, I was on her right side, and her hubby was on her left side.  I've got my shorts down a little and I'm stroking my cock.  Just before I was going to ask her if I could lick her pussy, another guy came over and got between her legs and started eating her pussy really good.  I reached over to play with her small tits, and when I reached inside to get at a nipple, she said "let me unbutton that so you don't pull my buttons off."  That made it much better, as she had nice hard nipples that were nice and long. 

She was still getting her pussy licked and between her tits getting played with, and the tongue in her pussy she was getting a little horny.  She started stroking me, then bent over and began slowly sucking my cock.  She has a very soft mouth and knows how to get a guy to attention.  She then had her hubby stand up next to me and she sucked on his cock for a while, while stroking me.  For some reason after the guy was done eating her pussy, they announced that they were going to get a drink.  I thought they would be right back, but I guess they called it a night.
About 1 hour later in come the cops, flashlights shining all around.  They did not find anyone spanking the monkey or doing anything that would have gotten themselves in trouble, so they left.  A few of the patrons also left, which was fine since that left fewer guys in the theater if any other couples came in.
Later on I was out in the ABS part of the building, talking to the guy behind the desk about the cop's visit, when two older BBWs walked in one white and one black.  I went back in the theater, hoping they would come into the theater.  Well about 10 minutes later they came in.
At first they could not decide where they wanted to sit, down in the theater seats, or up in the balcony.  The Balcony on the left side of the screen was the winner.  I walked up after them, I found they were sitting next to one guy already up there.  I sat on the other side, next to the white girl.  I could see the other guy was stroking the black girls leg and was stroking himself.  I (being the gentleman I am) asked it it was OK to touch, and she said NO. 

I was stroking myself, hoping she might change her mind and decide to play.  I talked to her a little and asked what brought the two of them in to the Circle Cinema, she said she was crossing it off her Bucket list.  I told her that if she actually played with a cock or two in the theater, she could cross that off her bucket list also.  Her response was, and I quote "I have not even put that on my Bucket list yet"  After about 30 minutes they got up and left, I told her that she could come back lots of times and cross it off her bucket list over and over, she giggled and the two ladies were gone. 

Even though they were both a few pounds overweight, I think they could have been a lot of fun if they would have just loosened up.  Maybe they will be back again.  I waited another hour and no more couples came in, so I called it a night.
I'm going to be here in Wichita pretty much all week, so I'm going to make several trips there and maybe the Unicorn I wrote about on a previous report will come back in, she usually comes in during the week nights.  The clerk said they were starting to see more couples, so there is always hope here in Wichita.
I'm also going to check out the Vegas Video here in town and see what their theater is like.  I'll keep you posted. Next week will be Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Salt Lake City.  (lots of flying time next week) I'll let you know if I find any interesting places to practice this thing of ours we enjoy so much.

The Oral Reporter


Doc here... Many thanks to The Oral Reporter for his usual solid work in the field.  Keep up the great work, sir!

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