Flash Report! Saturday Night at The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from regular contributor, CTFireGuy. CTFireGuy was at Hartford's incredible Art Cinema this past Saturday night, and it was hopping!

Here is his report...



 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, sir.

This past Saturday was a great time for play at "The Art Cinema": 10 couples, with 5 or 6 playing downstairs. The cool thing was they were younger couples. 

I was traveling home after shopping and was in the Hartford area, so I felt the need to stop. When I got into the Art, there were 2 couples already there. They were both in the balcony so I took a seat and waited and it was well worth the wait.  A blonde who I will call Sharon Stone and her friend came down and sat in the back row. She showed her tits and was giving her friend head when we got the okay and the guys and myself were allowed to touch. Like you always preach we did not rush over to them. We gave them time to warm up and were all rewarded for our efforts.

The Art Cinema - Main Floor

She took loads on her beautiful tits and loved it! Guys were talking dirty and you could tell she was hot for it. As this was going on, I looked up and saw a 6ft tall, 20's beautiful blonde walk in with her boyfriend. I told one of the regulars, but he had already saw her... She was smoking hot, and looked like that model Kate Upton.

Sharon Stone finished the last of the guys and went back upstairs to the balcony, and we all waited patiently and again we were rewarded. Kate came downstairs went down into the middle row on the left side. She immediately stripped off her shirt and showed some beautiful tits.  Again we got the signal and were allowed to touch, as one guy standing behind got an awesome blow job while another regular got to fuck her. At one point all the guys were around Kate as she was naked and taking on all cummers.  Kate stood up and we got a great view of her long legs and hot pussy.

As this was going on, couples were coming and going. Kate and her friend went back upstairs, Sharon Stone, and a regular and his wife were watching in the aisle and they all went back up. A young couple came down sat and I think they were going to play as they seemed to be watching some guy playing and she was getting turned on ( more on that later). They went back upstairs.

Sharon and her guy came down again and stood in the aisle. I was talking to them, and they mentioned that the young couple (as soon as they got upstairs) stripped naked and went to town on each other. So I guess they were turned on by what they saw. Too bad they didn't stay downstairs... she looked like Sarah Silverman with nice ass  and hot body.

Well Sharon took on 3 guys in the aisle, letting them cum on her tits. It was getting late and everybody was leaving.  Myself and a regular were left, but I knew something good was going to happen!

Kate was upstairs playing with another couple (maybe some bi stuff but couldn't tell). They came down again, went right to the front row and started to fuck the regular that was there. He got another blowjob (I think that guy came like 4 times! Good night for him!). Kate was fucking her guy when a pretty Hispanic girl, a  Eva Longoria look alike, and her bf sat down in the row and he started to fuck her hard while we watched. Kate moved over when the house lights went on ( and a scramble for clothes as it was time to leave).

All in all a great Christmas present. Thank you to all the couples. It was a great night at the Art Cinema.  The guys were respectful and there was just the right mix of regulars and couples.

CT Fireguy


Doc here again... Many thanks to CTFireGuy for another outstanding Flash Report about Hartford's awesome Art Cinema.  There are many very cool things in the pipeline for The Art Cinema, and as they come online, you'll be the first to know here at The Journal.


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