How About A Sex Swing For Xmas?

Doc here... Senior reporters, M&S, are in the process of selling their lightly used sex swing.  Here are the details and a few pics:


Hi Doc,

We are trying to sell our pleasure swing. We have posted on Craigslist, Uncensored Adult postings, even put up a poster at the Art, lol. But no luck selling it. We paid $250.00 for it and only used it 2-3 times.

It has no damage, no DNA or stains on it. We are looking for $150.00 for it. Any chance you could post this for us?  (ed. note: Of Course I will!)

Here are 3 pics of it:

Doc here again... If you are interested in this, please contact me directly at, and I will forward your note to M&S.


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