Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Westwood Theatre of the Arts Update

Doc here with a quick update from the management of the newly re-opened Westwood Theatre of the Arts in Toledo, OH.
As regular readers know, The Westwood underwent a massive refurbishing prior to re-opening in September of 2012.  As the cooler months approached, a perennial issue at this grand old theater reared it's head: Heat or lack thereof on the main floor of the auditorium.
Well friends, this issue is now just a bad memory, as the new owners have rectified this issue.
Here is a note I received from the management team from The Westwood:

The Westwood is a large theater, and very difficult to heat. But due to some strategic methods we conquered winters Chilly Willy's. We provided two new state of the art furnaces on the lower level of the theatre. Providing enough heat to keep you warm, that is if your not already hot!

I wanted to let you know Doc, because we have had a lot of clientele from previous ownership stating it was an icebox. New ownership corrected it and made sure the comfort level is there for our guests. Numbers are rising along with couples, so overall The Westwood is working.

Doc here again... The Westwood is slowly becoming one of the top adult theaters in the entire country.  And the plans for 2013 are ambitious... You'll hear it first here on the next phase of enhancements at Toledo's Westwood Theatre of the Arts.
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