Couple's Flash Report! Gloryhole Nancy @ The Westwood Theatre of the Arts (w/8 HOT PICS!)

Doc here with my good friends, Gloryhole Nancy, and her guy, T.  Once again, they have submitted a 5-Star report, complete with Nancy being very naughty at the gloryhole.

Also included in this report are 8 smoking hot images of Nancy at the hole...



Good evening Doc, hope all is well! We've been a little busy with real life lately and have not made it out to fill Nancy's craving for strange gloryhole cock for awhile, but we think we'll be making it out this weekend:)  In the meantime let me fill you in on the fun we had a couple Sat nights ago....
I love taking Nancy out to the bookstore on a weekend night, as there are lots of guys for her to choose from and she of course loves the attention. We walked into the Westwood Theatre in Toledo, and as always were greeted by the very friendly staff as we walked around checking out the DVD's and magazines. 

Those who have seen Nancy knows she loves to wear her slutty CFM heels to the gloryhole, as she she knows the sound of her heels clicking and clacking on the floor attracts all the horn-dogs like a shark to blood in the water lol.  We went into the theater area and soon had a group of guys surrounding us but keeping a respectful distance. She pulled out my cock and begins one of her amazing suck jobs, really showing off for the crowd with lots of noise and slapping my cock on her tongue and face.

I knew she was horny by this time so I zipped up and led her to the booth area and settled down in one with a gloryhole. A group of guys followed us so there was a cock sticking through the hole by the time she settled in for some action lol  She sucked and slurped on that lucky guys cock for a good 10 min before he shot a load in her mouth, groaning loud as hell....just the way she likes her men to cum.  He actually blurted out "I love you Nancy!" before he withdrew his cock and of course we both got a good laugh. I know her mouth is good but he must've REALLY liked it lol.

She sucked a couple more off before we called it a night, and once again Nancy really enjoyed her time at the Westwood. Gotta hand it to the owners there: they have a nice setup and we CANNOT wait to see if the balcony ever develops into anything....  Enjoy the pics gentlemen and as always contact us at if you are in the Toledo/Detroit areas and have the equipment she likes (8"+). 

Otherwise maybe you'll see us at the gloryhole some night:)

T & N

Nancy's Latest Gallery  (Click the images to ENLARGE the thumbnails)


Doc here again... Nancy has taken quite the liking to the newly refurbished Westwood Theatre of the Arts in Toledo. You just never know when this hottie will show up, and take matters into her own hands mouth. 

Thanks again to Nancy and T for another great report!

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