Couple's Flash Report! Hawaiian Eyeful @ The Paris Theatre in Portland

Doc here with a new reporter to The Journal of Adult Theaters: Please welcome Hawaiian Eyeful!  Ms. Eyeful hails from Portland, OR, the epicenter of  adult theaters and ABS's in the USA.

Hawaiian Eyeful has gracefully allowed the Good Doctor to re-post her reports from Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group, as well as some of her fantastic pics.

We are leading off a report from this past week from Hawaiian Eyeful, and her visit to the Paris Theatre in Portland.

Here we go...


It was quite a surprise Wednesday night when my fiancé made a stop at the Paris Theater after a delicious dinner. Of course, when I visit the Paris, I always expect to enjoy myself 150%. Unfortunately for me, as Brent so eloquently wrote, the Red Dragon was in town. It seemed so strange to go to the couple's room instead of heading straight to the arena table where all the real fun and action can take place.

God, I love being fucked on that table by every man in the theater whenever I visit! Although the setting was quite different, it was still very pleasurable to have so many guys wanting and getting to suck my breasts, feel my ass and pussy as much as they could while I enjoyed sucking my fiancé's big hard cock.
Hawaiian Eyeful
Women, can we let Brent know how accurate he is when he mentioned that women of all walks of life dream of becoming a high class escort or at least fantasize about it? For me, I recall earlier in my days that if I was ever to be an escort, I would be a high class escort. I love pleasuring men at the Paris Theater, Oregon Theater, Club Sessos and the Washington State Theaters. I have found both men and women are very respectful and allow me to enjoy my sexuality in the areas I enjoy most.

Last week I walked into a small shop in Lake Oswego, OR and found two men watching TV while waiting for business to pick up. I asked them if they wouldn't mind if I played with myself in front of them. Their eyes lit up and then nodded for me to proceed and I hiked up my skirt and proceeded to play with my pussy while I pulled out my tits so my fiance' could suck them. It was quite exciting to feel my juices flowing and watching the men get hard. Not only did I leave with a smile on my face, I know the men will be looking forward to my next visit.

Hawaiian Eyeful


Doc here again... I am very glad to have Hawaiian Eyeful contribute to The Journal moving forward. She is also another reason I wish I lived in Portland.  Thanks again HE, and keep up the great reports!

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