Couple's Flash Report! Hawaiian Eyeful @ Fantasy Unlimited in Seattle on 12/23/12 (w/PICS!)

Doc here with report #2 from the vivacious Hawaiian Eyeful.  In this report, Ms. Eyeful hit Fantasy Unlimited in Seattle.

Here is her story...


My fiance and I were in downtown Seattle last Sunday at Fantasy Unlimited. Although the atmosphere is very different than Portland, I was able to enjoy myself with two other guys.

While sitting on the love seat, I began to unzip my dress so my breasts were in full view for all to see. As I began fingering my pussy, one of the guys came over and started to suck my nipples. How I love that! I than leaned over and began sucking his cock to get it hard so he could enter my wet warm pussy. Ahhh... ecstasy! I fucked him until he came. He than thanked me for an early Christmas present :).

I enjoy my sex a bit rough, and the second man was almost too much of a gentlemen. It was cute. Seeing it was Christmas Eve, I let him continue to enjoy himself as pleasing a man is what I like to do best. I do like to give and enjoy receiving just the same!

Where do you frequent? If you ever get to down to the Portland area let me know and maybe we'll see each other at the Paris Theater, Oregon Theater or Club Sessos.

Until my next adventure in Seattle....

Hawaiian Eyeful Gallery (click to ENLARGE the thumbnails)


Doc here again... Many thanks to the beautiful Hawaiian Eyeful and this report originally posted on my colleague Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group.  Please keep the reports coming in!


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