Couple's Flash Report! M&S Hit The Art Cinema in Hartford on 1/5/13

Doc here with an awesome Couple's Flash Report featuring my good friends, M&S.

They visited Hartford's awesome Art Cinema, and along with several other couples this past Saturday night, they had an absolute blast in the couple's balcony at The Art.

So sit back, and enjoy the latest from the top row at The Art Cinema, courtesy of M&S.


Hi Doc,    

M&S here from frosty Hartford, CT and the always hopping Art Cinema.

We got there about 7:30pm, and as we paid we were told by Ernie's helper that there were already 2 couples in the balcony, plus the guy who brings a couple of different girls each trip down from the coast of New Hampshire to entertain the guys downstairs.This time was a skinny blonde and a skinny brunette with nice big silicone tits that I have written about before in a previous story (girl who was being eaten by her chunky blonde friend as wife and I watched).

The Art Cinema
Hartford, CT
When we got in the balcony, we saw OUR seats (lol) were taken by a couple in their late 50's and another couple sitting in the middle row under the lights. As soon as we got seated the guy from New Hampshire came upstairs with his 2 girl harem. The girls started changing clothes, eating, drinking and talking on there cell phones. Kind of a turn off to the mood.
As soon as the wife stripped down to her fishnet bodysuit, the lady behind us pulled out her nice big tits and pulled her panties off giving her man free access to finger her pussy and suck her tits. The lady next to us pulled out her mans cock and sucked it as he played with her tits.The harem then went downstairs to do the 12-15 guys that were there. After S had sucked my cock hard enough to drive nails, she stood up so I could fuck her from behind and put on a good show for the folks near us. During the night S took 2 good loads.

In the next hour, about 4-5 other couple came up to the balcony and sat in the dark seats but were definitely sucking and fucking by what we could see. One of the couples from the dark seats came up to join us, He was a big white guy over 6', and she was a cute skinny black girl. She sucked his cock and he ate her pussy. At one point I went to the restroom and found a couple we thought had left fucking in the bathroom lounge area. She was a VERY HOT redhead BBW.

About 10pm a nice looking younger couple came upstairs and went down to the dark seats but never sat down. He bent her over the balcony gave her an award winning fucking. All we could hear over the movie was skin slapping together and her moaning and groaning. They put on a great show.

As we got dressed to leave we stopped at the bathroom so wife could powder her nose and found the big guy laying on the couch in the lounge with the little black girl sitting on his face as he ate her ass and pussy. She had a grin on her face like she just won the lottery!

Our next visit should around the 19th of January to celebrate my birthday.

Your faithful followers,    


Doc here again... Many thanks to the very cool M&S for another great report from the rafters of the awesome Art Cinema.  Have fun on the 19th!

Well, The Good Doctor is in dire need for reports!  Please send along your reports direct to me at I will edit and format them for you... And you get the byline! First timers, please include a pen name for your reports.

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