Couples Flash Report! D&M at Berlin News Agency (w/7 Exclusive PICS & Video!)

Doc here with a doozy of a Couples Flash Report to mark the first workday of 2013. 
The last report D&M submitted is still getting plenty of pageviews, and it was months ago... And this report puts that earlier report to shame!
How about this: A detailed written report, 7 HOT still pics from the actual event, AND 4 videos from their visit to the Berlin News Agency.
So kids, this is how it will work... This morning you get the written report, the 7 still pics, and the first video.  The remaining 3 videos will be posted over the next 3 days.  Make sure you keep checking back to The Journal to make sure you didn't miss any.
(Make sure you click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE the pics!)
Here we go...
Hi Doc,

Sorry this took so long to get to you but the holidays have been a bit busy!

"D" and I ventured out to the Berlin News Agency for some well deserved fun on 12/14 and boy what a night it was!! As usual the management didn't disappoint as we were welcomed back as long lost friends (our last visit was in June!). We made our way back to the theater and there were about 20 or so guys there and no couples. That was fine with "D". She was on a mission!
"D" at Work
She told me before hand hat she wanted to break her record of 17 guys from springtime!

"D" wasted no time in getting started and the guys started lining up. It was amazing. In the first 15 minutes she drained 5 cocks. Her blowjob skills are really that good. The guys all marveled at how well she could suck. The next hour she sucked off 9 more guys and 2 fucked her tight pussy.
So buy the first rest break she had sucked or fucked 21 guys and taken 16 loads of cum! Record broken!

The first break we talked with a few of the guys and there were 4 that said "Doc sent me".  How awesome is that! Great to see your readers showing up for some fun! (ed. note: How cool is that?!?!)Another couple had come in during our fun and taken up residence in an adjacent seating area.Nice to have some other folks here enjoying!!

D was ready for round to and proceeded to work her way through the rest of the guys that were available. she sucked off 5 more guys but by this time her knees and jaw were giving out and it was pretty warm, so we took another break. The couple that was over in the other area came over and sat down and we chatted for a bit while "D" recovered.

Then it was time for the home stretch and "D" buckled down and took on 5 more guys. But the time all was said and done she had either sucked or fucked 31 guys and taken (from what I could count) at least 21 loads!!!

She had a huge smile on the way home and for the rest of the week. Thanks again to all that showed up!!


And here is Video #1!
Doc here again... Who is your buddy? Who is your pal?  Why it's The Good Doctor. And who was nice enough to submit this great report? Why it's D&M, and there are 3 more videos to come (wait until you see #4...WOW!).

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