Field Report! Deja Vu in Hollywood by Captain EO

Doc here with a Field Report from senior reporter Captain EO, and the new Deja Vu theater in Hollywood.

Take it away, Captain...


Hey Doc,

Hope all is well! Just wanted to update you that a new theater has opened up in the LA area. Deja Vu has opened a new strip club in the heart of Hollywood off Hollywood and Vine. With it, they've opened a small theater in their Love Boutique.

Unlike the Ontario Deja Vu, this Love Boutique is small, and the theater is smaller, and I didn't see any booths. There are 3 rows of 3 comfortable movie theater chairs for 9 seats total. There is plenty of standing room up front and off to the sides and they have 5 screens running 3 different movies. It's new, so it's nice and clean, but not a lot of people know it's there, so it was empty when I went. It's $10 to enter and per the guy working the register, unlimited in-and-out privileges. Like Ontario, it has a light flash system to alert if anyone is entering and you have about a good 10 seconds to get it together before the door can open. Deja Vu's have always been play friendly from my past experiences and since it's not on the Tiki side of Hollywood, it seems to be safe and fun for play.

The only major downside is the place is only open nights: 6-6 daily, 8-4 sunday... and being in the center of Hollywood is parking is difficult on weekends. Playing Sun-Weds probably won't be an issue, but Thurs-Sat, you may have to pay to park or walk a few blocks. It's not discreet, but it's Hollywood, no one really cares. So I just thought I'd pass the word along to encourage anyone looking for a couples-friendly theater that is off-put by Stud's (since that is in a more gay-centric part of town and is less couples friendly) or the Tiki Theater (since that is in a dangerous part of town and is not really friendly, period), this can hopefully become LA's little secret place for fun!



Doc here again... Thank you Captain for this update.  The new location may not be like the old Ontario location, but at least it's something.

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