Field Report (& A Warning): Circus Cinema in Denver, CO

Doc here with a Field Report from new reporter Casualguy, and with that report a word of warning.
If you have frequented Circus Cinema in Denver in the past, or do so currently, please read this report.
I have recently relocated to Denver and am in the process of exploring the area. I have been to the Circus Cinema a half dozen times all during the day on weekends. I have only spotted couples once and no action at all.
However, I have seen a lot of police activity! They seem to drop in regularly and one day they popped in 3x in the course of a four hour visit. The theater does have cameras with monitors in each theater so keep an eye out. The cops sneak in without a lot of hoopla and nail the occasional unsuspecting patrons. Not sure if they are less persistent late nights when apparently most of the couples action occurs but I would be wary.
Bonus: Houston
After recently relocating from Houston..a place called Smoochees seems to be the most active in that town from what I saw...Very small but interesting with fetish booths adjacent to theater section. However, did hear a number of horror stories of couples being busted there in the past so was always cautious.
Thanks and will keep you posted! 
Doc here again... I have added Circus Cinema to The Journal's No-Fly Zone roster.  Thanks to Casualguy for the head's up on both Denver and Houston.
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