Flash Report! Brent's "50 Shades of Renee" Report (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a repost from my good friend and colleague Brent from Portland. Last week this report, "50 Shades of Renee" went up at his awesome Yahoo Group, and it deserves and encore here at The Journal.

As long time readers of The Journal are aware, Brent is the poet laureate of this thing of ours. His long running Yahoo Group is an excellent archive of reports across the adult theater scene, and has much to do with Portland's iconic status in the scene.

So sit back and enjoy the song stylings of Brent and this 5-Star report...


50 Shades of Renee

All week My Yahoo group was getting messages about an upcoming visit to The Paris Theater by a beautiful girl from Canada. Some photos were attached to these messages, showing a beautiful young bond with an alluring gaze, ginormous breasts and a cute round ass. Some of the photographs depicted her chained up in submissive poses.

Paris Theatre
Portland, OR
The plan was for her to make her first ever visit to The Paris Theater in Portland in order to fulfill some sexual fantasies. I re-posted her Doms message a few times and a few people commented on it. But I don't think it was the messages that brought the men, an a few couples, into the Paris on Tuesday January 8 around 9PM. It was those excellent quality photographs of her.

 As soon as I saw them walk into The Paris, I posted that they had arrived. Right after that, the people started to stream into the theater. There were probably 50 people there to greet Renee (her theater name) including three other couples. The other couples didn't play by the way but they did stay to watch the show.

When I walked into the theater, Renee was in the couples section, blindfolded , naked and kneeling on a bench by the rail . Hands were reaching up to grope and probe every inch of her lovely body. There were hands on her tits, fingers in her pussy and dicks at the ready.

She and her man headed down to The Arena and for the next two hours, with a few breaks in between she proceeded to fuck, suck, jack, hug, get jizzed on, get groped , get fingered by the large crowd of adult theater sex devotees that were there for her pleasure. The crowd seemed well behaved and the men she chose to be with used just the right amount of gentle force to fuck her pussy and her mouth. Her pussy was soaking wet. A guy who got to finger her told me that she was a squirt-er. After each encounter she would hug the man and thank him, genuinely happy that he had been with her. I was really impressed by Renee's sexual confidence and how relaxed and turned on she was by her adventure. I learned it was a night of firsts for her. It was her first trip to an adult theater, the first time she had two men at once, one in her mouth and one in her pussy, and the first time she had fucked multiple men in one evening.

Her night was capped off when she got thoroughly fucked by one of The Paris regulars in the couples section. She was bent over the bench, in front of the rail birds (I didn't notice if her beautiful large breasts were being groped) getting pounded from behind. I'm not sure how many orgasms she had during her visit, but she had a lot. During all this, the other couples sat quietly and watched. The male half of one couples asked if he could touch her breasts and when she nodded yes, he proceeded to fondle them for a few minutes.

By the way, the Renee's Dom is a member of this group and I want to thank him for bringing Renee in to play and help her fulfill her sexual fantasies at The Paris Theater. I hope he and Renee comment on this report and correct any mistakes or false impressions that I may have written. I also hope they consider writing their own report and sending it, along with some photos, to http://dremiliolizardo.blogspot.com/. Her first visit to The Paris Theater was a unique, exciting and memorable event ,and I can hardly wait for Renee's upcoming Friday adventure at The Paris Theater in Portland (ed. note: The Friday event didn't come off due to illness).

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Doc here again... Many thanks to Brent for this great report.  Make sure you check out his Yahoo Group HERE for all the goodness from Portland and elsewhere.

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