Flash Report! CK on Call @ CTs Adult Theater 12/29/12

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from senior reporter CK on Call. It was a crazy weekend at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN, especially Saturday night 12/29. 

Luckily for those of us on the sidelines Saturday night, CK on Call was there, taking notes...

Take it away, sir.


Hi Doctor,

8 women Saturday night 12/29: Robin, Krystal, Tasha, "She Cries When She Cums Girl," and a short red headed milf were there when I arrived around 10pm. I must have gotten there late, as only "She Cries" was playing in the theater. Tasha remained in the back row giving BJ's to whoever wanted one.  The other women were taking a break. This was the first time I had seen "She Cries.", and  lemme tellya, she is very NICE!   "She Cries" played later in the GH. 

To get the action started again, Tasha volunteered to be a fluffer for any guy who wanted to fuck Krystal.  Around midnight, while some guys were playing with Krystal, a smoking hot Asian babe walked in wearing a tight little black dress. (not Asian Amy, but could have been her sister.)  She said she was only there to watch, as she was very shy.  And watch she did, sitting next to Tasha, watching her intently as she gave a BJ. At one point, Tasha lifted the Asian's dress in order to compare their asses. (Very NICE.) The Asian girl said she would have done more if she had drank some courage. The Asian girl and her guy left soon after.

Now if that wasn't enough, around 1am, 2 black babes walked in (only to watch they said). I didn't know at the time, but one of them posted earlier, "Any pussy eaters in the building?" Both initially sat near the front row, but moved to the back row during a lull in the action.  Everyone was talking to these two, to get something going.  Some guy tells the one that posted that he had "good knees". She responds by moving closer to the guy and takes her jeans off.  He dives in, all of a sudden her tits are exposed. This chick is HOT!!

This lucky bastard made her cum, as she enjoyed his tongue.  I'll be looking for future posts from her, as I'd like to eat, and lick that!

For those that weren't there or left early, you missed another memorable night at CTs.


Doc here again... When clicking on all cylinders, CTs Adult Theater in Gary can be one of the most hardcore adult theaters in the country. I Tweeted out a distress call from CTs last night, as they were looking for more cocks to satisfy all the women there Saturday night.  I hope at least some answered the bell for the lovely lasses.

Thanks again to CK on Call for his report!

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