Flash Report! Daisy Train's Radio Interview (& Bonus Pics!)

Doc here with the first of two Daisy Train themed reports to hit The Journal in the next few days.

Last Monday, Daisy Train was the subject of a radio interview by Omaha-based Jack Angry and his Monastery of Mayhem. The interview (HERE) is a peak at who Daisy Train really is, and her approach to both her sexuality and this thing of ours.

I suggest reading Daisy Train's report, then listening to the podcast. Then listen for the cues she describes in her report. You may even here a reference to The Good Doctor around the 31 minute mark.

OK, got that?  Good... Here we go.


I wanted to give a follow-up on doing the radio interview, but first I want to address some of the concerns that were posted that I would be giving away too much information about this thing of ours. I appreciate your concerns and sincerely hope they were unfounded. I tried to be vague in referring to my experiences at the adult theaters. If I say it right those of you in this thing of ours will know exactly what I was talking about and others will picture a different venue.
So some trivia about my interview that I haven't posted anywhere about (well maybe I hinted on twitter):

I spent the night at the home of a very sexy young man. I let him know that in the morning I would be doing a radio interview over the phone if he didn't mind. He asked what it was about and when I told him he admitted that he didn't know anything about that sort of thing. We had amazing off-the-hook rough sex until 4am and then around 7:30am I woke up and slipped out of bed. I pulled on a pair of his sweatpants, a tank top and snuck out to the living room, with any luck I would be able to do the whole interview before he awoke.

I curled up on the sofa wrapped in a blanket and called Jack Angry to get on the air. About 10 minutes into the interview my friend walks in wearing sweats hung low on his hips, his palm rubbing his naked torso and giving me sexy eyes. "Want some coffee?" I nod yes and try desperately to recall the question that Jack just asked me. I don't want to sound distracted so I stop ogling my friend while he moves around his kitchen making coffee.

I know he's listening closely to what I am saying and I catch him raising an eyebrow a few times. Near the end of the interview, maybe the last 10 minutes or so he stands in front of me with his dick out and hard. He gently puts his hand on the back of my head and pulls my mouth towards his cock. I suck on him with long slow sucks; all the way to the base and out the the tip. Talking in between. He enters my throat and it's all I can do to do this quietly and not make gagging noises over the phone.

I have to turn my head away and refuse his cock. He just smiles and turns me over on the sofa and pulls my hips up to meet his. He pulls down my pants and enters my pussy and fucks me slowly. I'm so sore and swollen from the night before I have to swallow my groan. I continue talking and listening. Thankfully Jack is wrapping it up and I just need to get out a goodbye.

As I open my mouth to say it my friend pulls out of my pussy and plunges into my ass. "Goodbye!" I gasp and toss the phone down. The line remains open for a few seconds longer... You can hear this at the end of the interview.


Thanks for listening!

Daisy Train

A Daisy Train Gallery (Click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)


Doc here again... A huge thank you to Daisy Train for her radio interview and the follow-up behind the scenes report.  Make sure you listen to the interview...

Watch for a repost of other Daisy Train reports coming soon here @ The Journal.


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