Flash Report! Jay @ Horse Cave, KY on 1/5/13

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from senior reporter Jay.  His trip to DSC Video in Horse Cave, KY this past Saturday yielded some interesting results.
Here is his report...
Dear Doc,
On a whim I drove up to DC Video in Horse Cave, KY last night (1/5/13). Didn't really expect to see many folks after Monday night's wild time.
But as I drove up I saw ten tractor trailers and over 40 cars in the parking lot @ 9 PM. When I walked in the theater it was more packed with folks then I have ever seen. One couple was sitting on the back couch. She was blonde 40ish and in a skirt. They stayed in the theater until about 10 PM then bounced around to the booth area, sitting in the hole booths from time to time. While standing in the booth area her and hubby were making out like teenagers. She seemed to be looking for a specific type and I am not sure she found it.
At 10:30 another younger couple came in and went right back to a booth with a large hole. She was 5' 4" or so , short black hair and wearing a gold metallic dress. Several guys seemed to enjoy her from the adjoining booth. The third couple I saw as I was leaving was sitting in the booth area socializing. She was a larger older gal and I have seen her spend the night there and not play. I am told she plays when the urge hits her it just doesn't hit her as often as we might like.
Doc here again... Many thanks to Jay for another solid Flash Report!  Keep up the hard work, sir.
Well, The Good Doctor is in dire need for reports!  Please send along your reports direct to me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will edit and format them for you... And you get the byline! First timers, please include a pen name for your reports.
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