Flash Report! Paradise Video in Phoenix by X-Man

Doc here with a Flash Report from X-Man. The focus is Paradise Video in Phoenix, brought to you via X-Man.



Answering your call for reports--

Last Sunday I stopped by Paradise in Phoenix around 11 AMish- as I walked into Theater #2, a young lady was just in the process of "cleaning things up"- I thought first damn, a lady finally shows up (since it is a rare occasion) and I missed it- anyway stayed around for another couple of hours, then as I was leaving I noticed a couple paying for the theater- TWO IN ONE DAY???-

Anyway I gave them a few minutes before re-entering the theater, and when I did I was very surprised to see the young lady sitting by herself in Theater #4, and her "significant other" by himself in #2.  She turned down the first one who approached her (for good reason), but was much more obliging for guest #2, eventually standing up, raising her skirt, and then (uh hum) sitting down again on the lap of #2 when she proceeded to get pounded.  When she was finished she got up and left by herself.  Gotta say I never have observed that before-

BTW she was a BBW about 30 years old with brown hair- not great, not bad considering-

Visiting the Bay area again next weekend, hope for a first time visit to Jack London Square as well as a return visit to Nuart.



Thanks for the report X-Man!  Keep up the great work...

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