Flash Report! Richie Rich @ Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood, FL

Doc here with a Flash Report from South Florida, courtesy of our good friend, Richie Rich. RR was attempting to rendezvous with Velvet Skye during her GH tour, but it wasn't in the cards for this stretch.

In the meantime, RR ventured to Pleasure Emporium (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) in Hollywood, FL, and this is his report.

Take it away, RR!



I have been following the breaking news and was ecstatic to see that Velvet Skye would be passing through South Florida after her amazing visit to Tampa. After talking with you both, I think its going to be a spontaneous thing as they are looking for some rest and relaxation. I can't blame them as they have traveled a great distance and had a very busy weekend this past weekend.  
With that being said there is always hope they will show and I made plans to have a soldier posted up near both Pleasure Emporium and Leisure Time.  He gave me updates throughout the night and then I got the call of all calls around 9pm. The action was hopping down there and some hot trim had entered the theater.
Pleasure Emporium
Hollywood, FL
I now live about 30 minutes north of the Hollywood FL area, so I hopped into my time machine and literally flew there, I think I made it to P.E. in less than 25 minutes.  I pulled up and my soldier was waiting for me outside saying I wouldn't believe what is going on.

There were two couples left in the theater.  One blonde who has been frequenting the theater often.  She was with her hubby and she's very hot.  She gives amazing head and is super pretty for a hotwife.  She looks very similar to Velvet Skye which was funny because for now that would be just fine with us.  I sat behind them and pulled my cock out
watching patiently and stroking.

In the front row, I had my fellow soldier working a beautiful Latin woman who was dressed in fuck me heels, stockings, garters and a slutty lace dress.  I preferred to sit back and stroke to the blonde and it soon payed off, her hubby asked me to come sit next to him so she could play with me.  So I sat down and she got on her knees and sucked her husband while stroking me.  She then slid over and put my hard cock in her mouth. I was so horned up from the speed drive down and anticipation that I only lasted 2-3 minutes and I politely asked where she would like my cum- in her mouth she responded.  I blew a hot, warm load in her mouth and she gave me a kiss on my cheek and said "thank you"... It was perfect.

I soon made my way to the front of theater to find my solder sitting patiently next to this hot Latin babe rubbing her guys cock.  She was curvy with amazing natural breasts, and beautiful ass and pussy.  She played with her pussy while we stroked our cocks and then she proceeded to rub my fellow perverts cock while fingering her pussy. She then let us squeeze her fun bags and rub her hot stockings. They played for awhile and then proceeded to walk to the booth section where me and a few guys followed.  We were asked to come into a booth the booths at P.E. are huge.  And she did much of the same as her hubby fingered her as we stroked our cocks.  That was the extent of the play, she came very loudly and they bounced.  It was a great show and had a great time.

I headed out from that point and I was home by 1030pm.  It was my quickest trip to the theater but it was so well worth it!!  No Velvet Skye but it a very productive night nonetheless.  I'm keeping my
fingers crossed to meet velvet and sure will update you if I do.

Richie Rich


Doc here again... Many thanks to Richie Rich for another outstanding Flash Report.  My fingers are crossed for you, sir, and I hope 2013 brings you face to face with Velvet Skye.

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