Flash Video! The Red Headed Goddess Video #2 from Bob in Biloxi

Happy New Year everyone! Doc here with exactly what you need to start your 2013 on the right foot.  That is unless you want to watch another one of those crappy parades on network television.

Our good friend Bob in Biloxi submitted the mother of all BnB reports earlier this week, detailing his evening with The Red Headed Goddess at Biloxi's ABS.  Besides the pics of the glory hole encounters, he also provided a video of the RHG being banged through the glory hole. Good times!

Well, today The Good Doctor brings you part 2 of the video, in which The Red Headed Goddess is finger fucked through hole by another woman! Better times!

So kids, pour yourself a fresh Bloody Mary, and enjoy 2013's first adult theater video on The Journal.


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