New Poll! Which Of These Classic Adult Theaters Have You Visited?

Doc here with a new poll for you, the good readers of The Journal.

There are many classic adult theaters in the country, but I was curious how many you, the good readers, have actually visited.

So this is the topic of the poll.  Of the following adult theaters, have you been to any one of these theaters:

Poll #1
  1. The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT
  2. The Westwood Theatre, Toledo, OH
  3. Fantasyland, Tampa, FL
  4. The Paris Theatre, Portland, OR
Poll #2
  1. The Lido Theater, Dallas, TX
  2. The Foster Theater, Youngstown, OH
  3. Berlin News Agency, Berlin, NJ
  4. Summit Street News, Warren, OH
The poll had to be broken into two parts, so please remember to vote in both polls.  The poll ends Super Bowl Sunday, but please vote now.


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