The Westwood Theatre in Toledo: Positive Couple's Section Policy Changes (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a important report on how one proactive adult theater has addressed the disrespectful guy situation inside their theater.

Several days ago, The Good Doctor received a Couple's Flash Report from a hot couple who attended The Westwood Theatre of the Arts in Toledo. While heaping praise on the staff and cleanliness of the theater and store, the actions of the single guys in the auditorium made this couple uncomfortable and they eventually left, disappointed. 

Here is an excerpt of their report:

Hello Doc,

The wife and I were at the Westwood Saturday night the 19th of January and were impressed on how courteous and clean the place was. However, the patrons inside the theater were anything but nice.

We walked in and got our eyes adjusted and sat down in the couples section and immediately the vultures were there. I told the guys to back off a couple of times and to no avail they kept coming back. We tried to watch the movies and settle in to get in the mood and possibly play (our intentions), but the lewd remarks and pestering was awful. We did stay for awhile and finally said that's enough as the wife was getting uncomfortable with the guys.

Needless to say I don't know that we will be back. Its unfortunate as this was the first time that she was uncomfortable and didn't have a guest to partake in play. If you would post this and warn or remind the wolfpack to relax and enjoy the scenery they just might get to play with a willing female. We have played in numerous  places many times in this thing of ours and were very disappointed in the behavior of the vultures.

The Westwood Theatre of the Arts, Toledo, OH
Doc here again... As soon as I read this report, I immediately reached out to my contact at The Westwood.  I know for a fact that their #1 goal is to provide a safe, fun, and relaxing environment for couples. This report (and a prior one from the male half of a couple who I met personally in October @ The Westwood during my weekend there) did not illustrate the Westwood's goal and I knew the theater's management would want to hear about it.

After a few e-mails with management (and the couple), The Westwood has responded to ensure that couple's have a positive and fun experience:  Here is the response direct from The Westwood:

Just a FYI, all staff and security is aware of hopefully the past issue. At this time we are no longer allowing patrons to STAND around the Couples Section. There is plenty of seating around the area. Also, security is to be aware of a couples arrival/attendance. Upon their arrival, security will do a walk through after a few minutes to make sure they're comfortable (non verbally unless needed). Also clerks are going to inform patrons "Relax & Enjoy the Show" emphasizing "Relax". 
A sign is being posted to Respect all Patrons, & hopefully this will resolve our issue. It will be in effect starting this weekend. Once again Doc Thank you for the info and I will continue to do all I can to make the Westwood a Respected Establishment.
Your Friends @ The Westwood
Doc again... This proactive measure by The Westwood is awesome.  Providing a safe and fun environment for couples is good business, and The Westwood is taking all the right steps to make sure it happens.
Now this is directed to the male patrons of The Westwood (and other adult theaters as well), and I feel strongly about this...
Undesired behavior directed towards couples will cause them to leave and possibly never come back.  Remember The Good Doctor's cardinal rule for adult theaters: BE PATIENT. If something interesting happens inside an adult theater, it happens gradually.
Just in case this point isn't quite clear enough, consider this... Check out the following pics:

Want to take a guess at who this incredibly hot wife is?  Yes, it's the better half of the couple chased out of The Westwood's Couple's Section last weekend (that wrote to me above) by a few disrespectful guys.
The Westwood has a solid plan in place to make it's Couple's Section fun and relaxing, but it's up to the patrons of this and any other adult theater to facilitate a fun environment. Not ruin it.
This weekend plans to be a good one at The Westwood. As a matter of fact, I wish I could be there this weekend... As the new policy is now in effect, it will be enforced.  Guys, do your part... Relax, act like gentlemen, and who knows what fun may be in store for someone.
A big thank you goes to the management of The Westwood, and the couple who reached out to me.  Your report this week has helped The Westwood take the steps to continuing making it one of the top adult theaters in the country.  There are big things ahead for The Westwood, and it's all pointing up. I hope this hot couple consider re-visiting The Westwood down the road.
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