Velvet Skye In Vegas This Week for AEE & Theater Play (w/NEW VIDEO!)

Doc here with another episode of "Where in the World is Velvet Skye?"

When we last left Ms. Skye, she was safely back home in Toronto, Ontario after her GH Tour of the Southern US.  Home sweet home.

That was this past weekend... Velvet Skye is now in Las Vegas for the AAE (Adult Entertainment Expo), and she will be appearing at the show starting Wednesday January 16th, 2013. Info HERE.

Now here is the fun part... As we all know, Velvet LOVES adult theaters. So, while she is out there, she will be making some impromptu visits to a few of Las Vegas' best adult theaters.

If you want to find out which theaters she will be visiting, you will need to subscribe to Velvet's Twitter feed , and to mine . 

As long as we are plugging stuff, make sure you check out Velvet Skye's terrific website,

Last, but not least, how about an incredible video of Velvet Skye at Fantasyland I in Tampa?

So kids, if you can't make it out to Vegas to see Velvet Skye, then click onto her website, and enjoy what she has to offer in great videos and stills!
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