Flash Report! Preptech Hits The Lido Theater in Dallas

Doc here with a first time report from contributor Preptech. He hit Dallas' Lido Adult Theater, and while he encountered some various scenes there, he also had some questions...
Here is Preptech's report, and afterward I will try and answer some of the questions raised.
Here we go...
I get to Lidos about 8pm on Saturday and walk in and pay the modest fee. The store is big and the guy behind the counter was cool. There are two theaters, the downstairs one is horrible and it shows gay movies. Not my thing.

I get buzzed into the upstairs area and it was amazing as first impression go. There about about 10 very large private rooms. I will get back to those later. I go into the upstairs theater, it's about 8:20 by now and there are about 10 guys standing sitting, jacking, whatever. I watched for a few and wanted to walk around a bit to check out if any ladies or couples were in the bookstore. 

Lido Theater
Dallas, TX
As I walk down the stairs I see a heavy set guy with a very cute young Asian lady. She has glasses, looks a bit conservative and nervous. As I walk into the bookstore they walked out heading for the upstairs theater. So I stay behind and as they walk up the stairs the woman is holding here skirt together as not to expose herself. I give them some space and follow them into the theater. I sit off to the side and a row in front to give them some space. The time line is important here. It's about 8:20. They start playing and things get heated. After about 20 minutes I move in as the first male to do so and politely ask if I can join in, they say yes, so I start feeling her up. A few well behaved guys join me. I'm fingering her wet hole and she is going crazy. She wants it bad. This is where it gets crazy. 

One of the other guys that works there comes in the theater and in a very loud voice yells it's 9, ok guys you all have to leave. At first I'm not grasping this. We keep playing with her and he yells again. Guys you got to go. Ok, the rest of the guys leave and I keep playing. He nicely tells me that if I don't stop right now I will be kicked out. So I pull my pants up and walk over to him and ask him what's going on. HE TELLS ME THAT ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS AFTER 9 THE UPSTAIRS THEATER IS FOR COUPLES ONLY. Here is this extremely hot lady going to town and it gets shut down at exactly 9pm. If anything you would think he would let the scene play out until finished but not this guy, 9 meant 9. I politely went up to the couple and asked if they wanted to take this to one of the rooms I aforementioned. She said yes,yes, yes but her boyfriend said no. So the mood died and that was it. 

I went to talk with the guy at the counter downstairs and he said there rule was at 9 on Fri. and Sat. is was couples only upstairs. UNLESS YOU WANTED TO PAY THE VIP FEE OF $125.00. Are you kidding me? Not. As I finish up talking with the counter guy I see the couple walk out the door. Bottom line, the couple left when the guys had to leave, now that makes good business sense, lol.

I stick around for a couple more minutes and go into the gay theater to see if maybe a couple might be in there playing. Sized up the scene and left Lido for good. That is crazy, couples only after 9 and they hold strict to the timeline even when a hot chick is playing freely and wants it bad.

Remember I mentioned how nice I thought the private rooms upstairs were, I come to find out that you just don't feed them like a peep show the rooms are rented for I think $40.00 per half hour. Not sure on this but I think that is what some dude told me before I left. This needs to be confirmed because I don't know how the staff would check on them constantly to make sure they were not being use. 

Nice upstairs theater, very dumb 9pm rule and the downstairs theater is disgusting.

I hope for a first report this one passes the test.

Doc, thanks for all you do to keep us informed.



Doc here again... Nicely done, Preptech.  The Lido is a unique adult theater, as detailed by this report.  Let me try and explain...

On Friday and Saturday nights @ 9pm, The Lido switches to a Couple's Only upper floor (theater and private rooms).  This draws in a healthy amount of couples obviously, and they have been doing this for years successfully.  The downstairs theater switches to straight movies.  The more adventurous couples who like single guys will venture downstairs eventually... But one must exercise patience... Remember The Good Doctor's Golden Rule?  "Patience in an adult theater is an investment, and will yield successful results to those who exercise it."

I have personally exercised it at The Lido.

My advice: Thursday nights is the best night for single guys @ The Lido looking for couples. Get there at 8pm, and exercise the golden rule.

Keep up the cause, Preptech, and keep the reports coming in.

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