Flash Report! Ray Visits Cinema One in Chattanooga, TN

Doc here with a terrific update from our good friend and senior reporter Ray.  He has provided an update from Cinema One in Chattanooga, TN.

Take it away, Ray!


Hey Doc,

Just a quick update on the Cinema One in Chattanooga for your database. The place is still open and still looks like a great place for "this thing of ours."

They are open until midnight most nights. Open until 3:00 AM on Friday and Saturday nights. Couples get in free on Wednesdays and, yes, there are couples, though not that many. And yes, there is some action.

Entrance is by membership only. The process is pretty simple. Show your ID, sign that you are not LE and pay a modest annual membership fee. The total cost to get in the door your first night is 20 bucks. After that, it is $17 and change. A little pricey until you realize that your entrance fee pays not only for the theater(s), but for the booths which all play movies continually. No need to feed the slot. I saw a note posted that says that guys can get in for $10 on Thursday.

Video booths do not have doors. They are large enough for some group participation (which does happen from time to time). The booth area is old and movies are shown on old-school TVs, but it is clean and well-kept.

The main theater area is large. Entry is from the side, about 4/5 of the way back. That leaves a small area of three rows that seems a little darker in the extreme rear of the theater. Sometimes guys looking for masculine companionship fill the last row, but couples often seem to sit in this area, though you might find them any where.

You have to actually walk through the main theater to get to the couples theater. Windows separate the two theaters, so the peepers can get a good look at the couples action, should they care to do so.

My last visit was on a Wednesday night. I watched two couples play. A blonde BBW was getting plenty of attention from her guy and a new friend. Better yet, a sexy GILF got warmed up in the gen pop area, then allowed a lucky young man to accompany her and hubby into the couples room where she put on a very nice show for the appreciative crowd on the other side of the glass.

I think this place is an unknown gem. The crowds are generally small. The guys are polite and maintain a respectful distance - until they are invited. Management keeps the place spotless and the staff seems accommodating. I am officially taking applications for a Tennessee honey to join me there some night!


Doc here again... Many thanks to Ray for another solid update from the highways and byways of this thing of ours. Keep up the fine work, sir.

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