Blast From The Past! Piper The Gloryhole Princess: "Birth of the Gloryhole Princess" (w/PICS!)

Doc here with an incredible Blast from the Past report from my good friend, the very naughty Piper, The Gloryhole Princess.

To get the full details of this report, I have embedded the images as large as I could to make reading them easier for you, the good readers of The Journal.

Many thanks to Piper for letting us in to what turns her on about this thing of ours.  For more Piper, check out



Hi Doc,

This scene happened years before my site was ever even an idea in my head.

My man used to post my pics on Yahoo Groups back then and we would have sex to the nasty emails he would get.  It totally turned me on (and does to this day) that men I don't know are masturbating to my dirty sex habits, shooting their cum and maybe saying my name.

I thought I would share this update with all of you because I still use it to masturbate today.  I have done a tons of nasty things since but this scene still gets me off and it is probably ten years old.  It was shot with one of the first Kodak digital cameras but is still too hot not to have on my site.

I hope you guys shoot huge loads to this one and say my name or at least say as you cum, "I can't believe what a huge dirty Slut she is!"


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