Flash Report! The Captain at Adult World in Rennselaer, NY on 7/13/13

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from that crusty old seadog himself, The Captain.
It seems that the Wally Power Yacht pulled into Rennselaer, NY and Adult World, and this is his report.
Take it away, sir.
Ahoy Doc,

A quick report from my ship to shore radio - Flooding along the Mohawk and Erie Canal lock closures cancelled my late June trip to the Syracuse area, but I found myself able to drop anchor at the Adult World mini-theater (RT20 Rennselaer / East Greenbush) Friday 7/12 about 6pm.

Theater activity has been somewhat light, but there is still a steady flow of couples exploring this thing of ours. There's been quite a bit of staff turnover and the new staff seems just as cool and laid back as the previous staff was. Admission to the theater is still just $9.

The Real
Diana Rigg
A couple came in around 6:30pm. He was very tall 6+ feet, neatly trimmed beard. She looked like a shorter version of Dianna Rigg. The couple went back by the theater and then turned around and headed to the booths. It seemed like it was their first time there. They checked out a few booths and settled on one of the buddy booths with the frosted plexi-glass between. This caused a small stampede to the opposite booth. The lucky winner clicked the lock on the door and the rest of us were left out like dogs at dinnertime. We never did hear the very loud click of the plexi-glass clearing between booths, so there may not have been a winner after all.

Some slupring, moaning and giggling was heard as the couple played down their initial $5 coupons purchase. They left the booth after about 15 mins and appeared to be exiting the store when they stopped and bought another $5 in booth coupons and returned to the other pair of buddy booths. The one with the volume knob broken in the on position and the stickiest floor. (They do mop every night, but this booth just seems to stand out as one to be avoided!).

I was the lucky winner to the opposite booth the 2nd time and was treated to a brief glimpse of her topless sucking his cock and then a little later, her riding his cock while they both watched the movie on the small screen. I did leave the booth door open so that a few others could get a look when the frosted plexiglass cleared. They finished after about 15 mins and departed shortly after 7pm. All in all, a big toe dipped in the waters of this thing of ours for this couple!

Couples do visit the mini-theater on a regular basis. If anyone has reports please contact the Good Doctor!

The Captain


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Captain for another terrific report!  Thank you sir!

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