Flash Report! RRoddy2304 on Berlin News Agency on 7/13/13

Doc here with a great Flash Report from regular contributor RRoddy2304. On 7/13 he ventured into the terrific Berlin News Agency and has filed this report.  It looks like it was a hot night in more ways than one, and we have the details.
Here we go!
Saturday, the 13th of July, I decided to take a drive out to Berlin News Agency again. My first trip had been a bit of a bust since not a single couple or female had come in during the 2 hours that I was there. But I was told that things picked up after 8 pm, and I DID leave before that. So this time I got there about 10:30 PM.
I pulled up and the parking lot was pretty full. So I knew it was packed and was just hoping it wasn't another sausage fest like my first trip. I walked in, broke a twenty, and used one of the tens to enter the theater area. I walked in and made my way past the first room, which was jam packed with guys. I believe that room has gay porn playing.. or at least it did when I walked into it on my first visit. So this time I walked right past that first room, and then right past the main theater room as I made my way towards the back to use the bathroom.
Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
As I turned left and passed two of the large 'cubicle' areas I was faced with a crowd of men watching something going on in the cubicle to the right. As I walked past I noticed that some guy was holding a woman leg up in the air as he fucked her. After using the bathroom I came back and found a spot that allowed me a view of what was going on.
One guy was fucking a woman that was laid out on her back on the platform/table in the middle of the cubicle area. She was blowing another guy, and a few others were standing right near them and waited for their turn, some while stroking their already exposed cocks. I started to count the guys but lost interest when I reached twenty. That was twenty guys in the cubicle, or immediately outside of the little entryway, waiting to take a crack at her. I watched for about 10-15 minutes as three or four different guys fucked her (she had started before I ever got there), she blew another three or four, and a few settled for cumming on her tits as she announced that she'd be leaving shortly. 
The air conditioner had apparently died earlier that day and wouldn't be fixed until Monday, so it was hot as hell in there and i walked off towards the main theater room where it was cooler. I ended up buying a cold soda and taking a seat in the back of the room. After a few minutes the 7 or 8 guys that were in there watching the movie and waiting suddenly got up and began moving out into the hall.
I hadn't planned on playing that night but I was definitely still interested in whatever might be going on, so I got up and followed them out into the hall where I found a that a middle aged woman and her guy had come in. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do yet, and then I saw her attention drawn to another cubicle.. so I followed the two of them and found that their was a woman blowing a guy in there. There was another guy lounging in the cubicle area too, but this woman didn't seem to be drawing too much attention from the 30 - 40 other guys that were in their at that moment. 
The female half of the couple then had a conversation with another guy who was standing a few feet away and I realized that the female that was blowing the guy in the cubicle was actually a guy. Cock isn't my thing, even when it's hidden under a fancy dress, and the couple seemed unsure of what they wanted to do yet, so I took a little walk around to see what else was going on. I ended up back at the main theater room and after a couple of minutes some of the other guys who were in their too got up and moved out into the hall again. 
I followed them out and made my way to the back cubicle where that first female had been getting tag teemed when I first came in. Looking into the cubicle over the 5 foot tall wall I could see a new woman had come in. She was a pleasantly plump 30-35 year old, and was standing on the center table platform by the time I got there. She was reaching up and holding on to the ceiling as two guys began to spank her. After a few minutes of this she indicated that she had reached her limit on the spankings and started to fully undress.
As her dress, panties, and bra came off, she ended up on her knees with her ass in the air as one guy began to plow into her. Again, there's now about 20 guys in and waiting to get in the cubicle, and probably 10 were around her fondling her tits, rubbing her legs, arms, and one guy was stroking his cock near her head waiting for her to look up (she did eventually, and she did take him in her mouth).
The couple that had come in now asked to enter the cubicle and we all made room for them, where they sat down so that the female could watch the single girl enjoying herself. I lost count of how many guys fucked the single girl, but most of the time that she was there she had at least two cocks in her, and twice I noticed that one guy was also fingering her asshole as she got fucked.. I know this because in my quest to get a better look I got 'sucked' into the cubicle area as a sort of 'conveyor belt' had developed.
As guys finished fucking her they drifted left and eventually out again. But the couple had started to play, and now there was one girl getting fucked on the table, and the female half of the couple had her legs up on some guys shoulders (a couple of feet away) and was getting fucked as  her guy looked on at her side. So the conveyor belt rotation started to break down as their were now two women getting fucked in the cubicle and probably 25 of us guys crammed in their to either help them out or watch. It was getting too hot for me again, and there were numerous guys stroking their cocks as they awaited permission to play with one of the two females...
I began to leave the cubicle to make room for those who wanted to play, but two more females arrived and now even more guys blocked my egress route. So these two curvy women came with a guy and were let in to get an up close look at the main girl on the table as she got fucked over and over. I hadn't intended on playing, but the female half of that couple on the other side of the cubicle had caught my eye.. so I was going to make my way over there, but I couldn't get over there as their were too many guys lined up waiting and watching the 30 year old on the table.
As I patiently awaited an opportunity to either get over to the couple, or out of the cubicle to a cooler part of the building for a few minutes, the guys to my right talked one of the newly arrived girls to take her tits out. Before long she was being fondled and sucked, and before i could get past them the female that was on the opposite side of the table/platform took a break from fucking because it was too hot in their. So with her exit from the cubicle a few other guys left too and I followed them out.
Out in the hallway between cubicles and the main theater room I noticed a bunch of guys were looking into the main theater room. So iIpopped my head in and found that another couple had come in. They were seated in the middle of the seating area and he was watching the movie as she sucked his dick. I watched them for a little while and was waiting to see if anyone else was going to get to play with her when he finished and they just got up and left.
After a few more minutes I returned to the cubicle with all the action and found that the new girls both had their huge breasts out, one was fucking and sucking multiple guys, and the other was taking pictures and video with a cell phone. The guy they came in with just stood at her side and rubbed her back as she got fucked. Eventually the two females ended up in a 69, then the first one was getting fucked while eating out the other one.. who coincidentally seemed to have as much interest in cock as I did.. none at all. But it was still a great show!
I was only there for about two hours, but during that time there were at least 6 women and the cross dresser/transvestite who were also there and playing. Some of the women were a bit bigger than I'm attracted to, and the two I was into ended up leaving before I got a chance to approach them, so I never did get to play. But either way, it was a great show and a great time was had by just about everyone who was there during those two hours! It's a long drive for me, but It was definitely worth the trip!
I was only there for about 2 hours, but there was almost constant fucking!
Doc here again... Many thanks to RRoddy2304 for his detail rich report from the Berlin News Agency.  Keep the reports coming, sir!
Speaking of BNA, the next edition of the BNA Playlounge Report is coming soon to The Journal. Stay tuned!
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