Flash Report! The Traveling Man Hits Berlin News Agency for their Summer Sizzler Event

Doc here with a Flash Report from regular contributor The Traveling Man

TTM hit the Berlin News Agency "Summer Sizzler" event on 7/20, and this is his report.

Take it away, sir.


Hello Good Doctor,

I hope you are busy enjoying a good scene at one of the many fine establishments in "this thing of ours" throughout the country.

My travels this time enabled me to visit BNA for their summer party, which happened to coincide with Frank's birthday. Happy Birthday, Frank!

The scene was hot, both temperature-wise and sex-wise.  I arrived about 6:45pm waiting, along with about 20 other varied players, voyeurs, and all around horny men.   There were at least two different scenes (one with an exuberant BBW who gave her all in a gangbang (she was a little nervous as this was her first time) that never seemed to end.  A true trooper, she was still partying with all cummers when I left at 10 pm. I counted 14 couples and one Asian CD, and about 60 horndogs.

The A/C units were doing their absolute best to keep up with the warm bodies, but it was a losing battle..it was way too warm in the back area, so everyone tended to congregate upfront, which wasn't really a bad thing because you got a chance to speak with one another, and to see everyone in good lighting.   

The staff put out pizza, Italian food, soda, salad, birthday cake, etc. and everyone was having a good time.  People were still arriving when The Traveling Man left.  The heat, and the enormous amount of cockpetition made it seem unlikely I was going to get an opportunity to play this time around.   No worries, the good staff at BNA are awesome, and always make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.   

That's it for today at BNA!
The Traveling Man
Doc here again... Many thanks to The Traveling Man for his terrific report, and his patience as it took longer to get this post up @ The Journal than I would have liked.  Keep up the great work sir.

The Traveling Man
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