Flash Report! TruknDave @ Theatair X in Clarksville, IN

Doc here with a terrific first time Flash Report from newcomer TruknDave.
TruknDave hit Theatair X in Clarksville, IN, and had a great experience and evening.
Here is TruknDave and his Flash Report from southern Indiana.
Hey there Doc,
I said I would report to you on the happenings at Theatair X in Clarksville when I got something worthy of reporting. After a few weeks of not a lot going on while I was there patience, perseverance and fate all came together and handed me a gift in the form of an ebony beauty.
Here is how it all came together. I was on my way home Thursday the 11th from work at about 5:30 pm. I was on my motorcycle and decided to stop by and let the clerk, who I know, take a look at it as he is always asking me about it. I park in the back lot and as I am coming in the back entrance, and low and behold here comes a mid-twenties black couple in the front. He was in shorts,T-shirt and wearing a camo boonie hat. She was wearing very bright green spandex pants which she filled out very nicely and had on a low cut flowered print blouse that showed some cleavage but not too much as I guessed them to be about a 36 B and a pair of the latest style of high heels which made her ass stand out even more. I figured them to be "shoppers" so I waved to the clerk as I headed to the restroom to get rid of a cup of coffee from earlier.
Theatair X
Clarksville, IN
I come out of the restroom and to the counter to talk with the clerk about his day and the bike. Before I can get anything out he says, "They went into the theater, go check them out to see if she maybe hooking." On a side note, management has always taken a dim view on prostitution there and will call the police in a heartbeat if a girl is there to sell herself.  So, being a former Marine and having been given my mission, into the darkness of the theater I plunge to recon the situation.
The buzzer sounds and I pull the door open to the darkness that is "this thing of ours!". I am standing just inside the door up against the side wall letting my eyes adjust to the lack of light and figure out exactly what is going on around me. Up against the back wall are two older confused gentleman. The couple has taken up residence in the back row to the far right of the entrance with her up against the aisle and he on the inside sitting next to her. they are watching the movie, he with his arm around her shoulder, her with her hands properly folded in her lap. They continue to watch the movie. I with one eye on the screen and one on them.
The confused gentlemen decide to exit,leaving just myself and the couple in the room. I decide to take a seat behind and to the left of them on the back wall bench that was installed recently and had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that they are not going to do anything let alone her be a prostitute. I settle in for what I perceive to be another uneventful moment in this thing of ours.
A few moments go by and then the girl looks back at me over her shoulder then back towards the screen. She moves her body towards her man to snuggle up with him and lays her head on his shoulder. I then see her hand fall into his lap and start rubbing his crotch through his shorts. Now my interest is peaked and I am thinking to myself, "at least I might get a show out of this after all."
I then hear the unmistakable sound of a zipper being pulled and look over from my perch to see her fishing his "worm" out of it's hiding place. They are now kissing and making out with her stroking him slow and easy. Every now and then she would look over his shoulder to see what I was up to. Playing it cool I would glance at them and then the screen.
He was now rubbing her breast on the outside of her blouse  and kissing on her neck. she had set back onto her seat with her head back eyes closed just enjoying the attention he was giving her. I see his hand move downto the waist of her spandex and put his hand down the front of them. Her back arched and she grabs the sides of the pants to slide them down for him. He is now fingering her while kissing her on the mouth and moving down on her neck. She is rubbing her breast now and reaches into the top of her blouse to pull them out, she then guided his head to her bosom and he is sucking on her nipples while keeping his hand buried in her pussy.  I am sitting on my perch still with a huge hard-on I am rubbing  from the outside of my trousers just taking it all in.
She then stands up and kicks off one of her shoes then pulls her pants off of that leg. MY GOD WHAT AN ASS! Round and firm just the way I like them. She then steps a leg over him with her pussy directly in his face and leans against the back of the seat in the row in front of her. Now, I pull out my raging and aching hard-on and start rubbing ever so slow. as he leans forward to have snack, she looks over at me and stares at me stroking my cock. This scene continues for what seems like an hour but was in reality less than 5 minutes. She started shuddering and grabbed the back of his head to hold him onto the spot that was giving her pleasure as her orgasm subsided she let goof his head and he sat back in his seat to catch his breath.
I am still stroking as she stepped over him again. However, this time she is directly in front of me with a row of seats between us. She looks at her man and tells him to get up as she kneels in the seat facing me, her boobs now dangling over the chair back looking so inviting. Her man then stands up and comes up behind her. This is the first time I really got a look at him. Now, I am not one to ogle another mans junk, but this guy was impressive. ( A baby's arm holding an apple kind of impressive). 
As I am stroking myself she reaches up and starts fondling my balls. Her hands were silky soft and warm and gave me a light shock as I was not expecting her to do this. Her man has now slid himself into her from behind and is taking long slow strokes in and out of her pussy. She is moaning in a low husky tone that only women can and has moved her hand up to my cock and is taking over the stroking of it almost absent minded as her man is pumping her from behind. I decided to make myself a little more comfortable and stand up to let my pants drop. She is still stroking as I stand up and undo my belt buckle and button on my waist. I let my pants fall to the ground and am ready to sit back down when she pulls me towards her mouth.
MY GOD! This girl had a mouth. I can only liken it to putting your hand into a glove that is lined with rabbit fur! she immediately took me all the way into her mouth putting her lips up against my pubic bone and held it there. I noticed almost instantly that her man had increased with strength and purpose his thrusts into her. She backed off of me and sucked in her breath, She then went back down again this time having a little trouble holding her head down as now her man was rocking her in the chair pretty good. she backed off again got a breath and settled into basically fucking me with her mouth. I knew neither myself or her man was going to last long.
I decided it was time to let her know I would be coming soon. When I told her, all I got in response was a UHMMMMMMMMMMMM with her never missing a stroke. That was all it took, she buried my cock deep down her throat and I started to shake with my orgasm. It felt like I was cumming buckets and she backed off just enough to catch the rest in her mouth all the while her man is pumping her harder and harder. I pulled out and she just said almost matter of fact "oh fuck", then started her own orgasm just has her man buried himself deep in her pussy for the last time to fill her with his cum. I just sat back and reached down for the first time to feel her beautiful breasts and to ever so slightly rub her nipples between my thumb and forefinger's.
After she slowly got to her feet I said a heartfelt "Thank You", and started getting myself presentable to go out into the store. She said you're welcome and started putting herself back together as well. As for her man, he said not a word the whole time we were in there. He just zipped up his shorts and put his boonie hat back on that had fell off somewhere between him licking her and pumping her from behind.
I walked out to the counter behind them as they were leaving and all the clerk said was "I take it she was not a pro?" I just chuckled and replied "No, not in the way you were thinking."
More to come as stories develop!
Doc here again... Bravo to TruknDave for a great first time report!  Keep them coming sir... Your money is always good here.
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