Freeze Frame! Tara the TN Hotwife - With 17 NEW HOT Pics!

Doc here with a terrific Freeze Frame report from the smoking hot Tara - The TN Hotwife.

Tara has burst on the scene here in this thing of ours, and if you are lucky enough to encounter her in an adult theater, you might never be the same afterwards.

Here is a short prologue for you, the good readers of The Journal, from the lovely Tara before you gaze at her photos:



My blog is it is a free site. If readers wish to contact me, my e-mail is .

As far as upcoming plans - We are having a meet and greet in Nashville at a local open air pub on Aug 10 and there is a flyer to this on my blog. The night of the 10th, I will be at The Social Club in Nashville. Then on August 17 (and possible 18th) we will be in Atlanta to visit the Buford Theater in the afternoon. If you know of other places in Atlanta that we can do "this thing of ours" let me know. I do plan on taking it up a notch in Atlanta.

I wish there were adult theaters/glory holes in the Nashville area, but I think they have all been shut down.

Until we talk again, this Southern Bell will be keeping the guys cocks pointed north.



Tara's Freeze Frame Gallery
(Click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

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