Teaser Report! Gloryhole Nancy Checks In From Toledo's Westwood Theatre (w/4 Pics)

Doc here with a teaser report from my good friends Gloryhole Nancy and her guy T.

They visited Toledo's terrific Westwood Theatre, and are dangling this carrot in front of us until their full report gets filed here @ The Journal.

Oh, how can we forget the 4 HOT pics of Nancy doing her thing at the gloryhole?

Here we go!


Buenas dias Doc,
Hope you're staying cool in this heatwave. Nancy and I decided to try the air conditioning at The Westwood a week or so ago and it was working as well as it could considering how hot it was outside. The owners seems to really be putting time and $ into this place and the new AC unit kept the booth area cool enough for Nancy to have some fun.
I'll follow later with a full report of course but for now just wanted to send you our customary teaser pics. Let's just say it started out with Nancy sucking some gloryhole cock and ended with me and another guy taking turns fucking Nancy doggy in one of the booths; we took turns pounding her and wore her pussy out! 
Take care Doc and the report will be coming soon.....
T & N

Gloryhole Nancy Gallery
(Click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)


Doc here again... Many thanks to Gloryhole Nancy and T for their report! And please mark two dates on your calendar:

August 3rd: Nancy and Gingersnap will be at The Westwood Theatre entertaining the troops. Time TBA.

August 10th: Nancy will be making an appearance during Cathy's event at The Westwood Theatre. What are Nancy and Cathy up to?  Will the universe implode between the two of them in the same place at the same time? Show up and see...

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