The BNA Playlounge Report! Summer Sizzler Recap from Racer X (w/10 Pics!)

Doc here with the second of the Berlin News Agency recaps, The BNA Playlounge Report.  Correspondant Racer X was on the scene and has filed this report from BNA.

I have also included 10 photos from the event, featuring Paul and Frank from BNA.

Here we go!


Hi Doc,

Here is the first person account of The Summer Sizzler Party... 25 Couples attended the party and they did not disappoint.

The first few couples that came in , walked right into the theater, got naked and got right down to business. A couple of the ladies said that it was their first time in this thing of ours, but with all the fucking and sucking that was going on they could have fooled me !

One the many highlights of the evening happened when a hot little brunette came in with
her hubby - we'll call her Miss D. It seems that Miss D was there celebrating her birthday and everyone who was willing quickly joined her party. Now I must say that Racer X has seen a lot in this thing of ours, but this young vixen even made me blush. She fucked, sucked, & licked everything in her reach! I'm sure all the patrons hope she cums back very soon...

The staff, the food, and everything was great..... Hats off to BNA Summer Sizzler Party. It was the best....

Till next time Racer X signing off....


Doc here again... You can check out more from the Berlin News Agency on their website:

Summer Sizzler Gallery!
(Click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

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